Saudi Iqama and Visa-holders Get a Huge Relief

There’s finally a sigh of relief for thousands of Pakistani expatriates in Saudi Arabia as King Salman has approved an extension in the validity of the expired iqamas and re-entry visas of expats who are currently outside the country for three months.

No additional fee will be charged for the extension of iqamas as well as for the visitors whose visa expired during the lockdown.

Raja Ali Ejaz, Pakistan’s ambassador to the Kingdom, told reporters that the decision will benefit more than 40,000 Pakistanis.

They have given three months’ extension in almost every relevant visa-related issue for expatriates.


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He informed that around 15,000 Pakistanis, currently in the country, while over 25,000 expats who had traveled back to Pakistan, will be facilitated by the extension.

The Saudi government is also extending the validity of final exit visas as well as exit and re-entry visas for expats who stayed in the Kingdom but could not use it due to the coronavirus lockdown.


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Over 2.5 million Pakistanis reside in Saudi Arabia, and most of them were unable to return to Pakistan despite having lost jobs owing to the virus restrictions as well as visa issues. These people will now be able to return to their family members.

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