Supreme Court Hints at Banning YouTube in Pakistan

Taking notice of the objectionable and obscene content on social media, especially on YouTube, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has hinted at shutting down the video-sharing platform in the country.


While hearing a bail plea of an accused, Shaukat, arrested on charges of sectarianism, Justice Qazi Amin said that the social media has become a place to malign and insult state institutions. He noted that several social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, are filled with hate content.

Even our families are not spared.

He inquired if the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) were aware of what is going on YouTube.


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He said that the judiciary had no problem with criticism on its verdicts as it was a constitutional right of the public, and the judiciary runs the public money.

However, our private lives are also protected by the constitution, and no one has a right to slander our families for decisions we made in courts.

He questioned as to why FIA or PTA was unable to take action against such YouTubers. To which the PTA officials said that they could not ban or remove individual content, only it can be reported to YouTube authorities.


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Justice Mushir Alam observed that YouTube was banned in various countries across the world, whereas in Europe, and the USA, it is controlled according to local laws.


Try uploading content against America, Israel or European Union

He said that the Apex Court was showing restraint by not taking any stern action against such content makers. However, if authorities do not resolve the matter, the court might order banning the video streaming site.


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Justice Qazi Amin said that social media is being used to provoke masses against the country’s army, government, and the judiciary.

How many people who were involved in such activities faced action?

Seeking a response in this regard, the Top Court issued summons to the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) and officials of the Foreign Ministry for the next hearing.


  • If they ban Youtube as well, which is the source of income of thousands of people of Pakistan then I guess it will be final nail in the coffin for Gov’t. I doubt people will remain as calm as the ban on PUBG was implemented. I hope people go on the road to fight for their freedom of speech against the so-called prudent government. This is our so called Digital Pakistan.

    • I really needed to see paypal in Pakistan, but how things are going on nowadays, it is a sad statement but true “We don’t deserve Paypal or any digital service here, we are demolishing what we already have…”

    • What’s the government got to do in this. You moron their is a difference between government and judiciary. But why would you bother to know it. Libtards like you would claim that it’s the government’s fault if a man commits suicide or drowns or is eaten by a shark. #Libtard

      • @Ali Bukhari By using the word like Libtard you are proving that you are another PTI abusive troll. But let me tell you Troll Sahib that Judiciary of Pakistan can easily be controlled on phone calls. Nawaz Sharif was removed for having a simple work visa (iqama) but judiciary is silent when Zulfi Bukhari and others are found to be Dual nationals. Judiciary is a pawn of Imran Khan, Nab and Establishment and that is a fact. Dont tell that Judiciary is independant. We all know that how independant( dependant) they are.

      • Ziada bakwas na kar.. itna tu unka paltu hah to yeh bata jiski jail se ac nahi nikalna tha wo london main sairain kaise kar raha hah… is waqt taza hawa ayi hah jo ek dum banning pay lag gaye hain aur judiciary as always tool ki tarah istamal ho rahi hah…

    • Potato sahab government ka iss mei koi hath nahi hai, Adaalat aur govt k ihkaamat mei farq hota hai. Jab pehle PMLN k daur mei youtube ban huwa tha tab bhi nawaz iss k khilaf tha lekin adaalat k aagay koi nahi bol sakta warna “touheen-e-adaalat” ka case ban jata hai.
      Govt to pubg ban bhi khilaaf thi lekin final decisin Court k paas hai. Govt ko chahye k policies change karey aur controls apne hath mei lei atleast IT sector k

  • Like islamic courts, why cant we have scientific courts ? In my opinion, decision over scientific matters should be made on technical grounds. If an engineer cannot give his opinion on medical issues, why non technical ppl speaks about technology?

    • yar chor do, hamaray pichli generation k inpower baabay jub tak aglay jahaan nahi jatay aisa kuch nahi honay wala idhar…

  • And then Pakistanis keep asking for PayPal and Amazon lol….please for the love of God, stand up for your unalienable rights for freedom of speech and access to information. Look what’s happening to Hong Kong; only a matter of time before Pakistan becomes a dominion of China

  • Yeh courts aur pta ko ban kero… inhy pata chalay k income k bagir rehna kaisa hota hai … IT industry ko taba ker diya hai in ki jhalat nay.

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