Students Reject O-Level & A-Level Results Citing Unfair Grades

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) published the result of the May and June 2020 exams earlier this week.

In March, CAIE was forced to announce the cancelation of exams in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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It devised a 4-step process that combined evidence by schools with the evidence at its disposal to assign predictive grades and ranks to all students without exams.

However, the May and June exam results have drawn anger from the students as they claim their predicted grades are in complete contradiction with their expected grades based on their performance during classwork, coursework, assignments, and mock exams.

Candidates who were expecting As and Bs have been accorded Cs and Ds and those who deserved Bs and Cs have been rewarded with As.

As a result, A-level students are now feeling demotivated to apply to top national and international universities as they feel their grades have reduced their chances to get admitted to institutes of their choice. Many students have lost scholarships and grants as well.


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Students have rejected the May and June exams result and termed the evidence-based process employed by the CAIE to grade them as unfair.

Students have raised their voice on social networking platforms against the injustice, urging Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood, to take up the matter with CAIE.

Universities to Facilitate A-level students

Haris Tohid, the senior manager of Corporate Relations and Communications at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), has revealed that IBA has already relaxed its admission criteria due to the Coronavirus pandemic, giving more weightage to extracurricular activities while evaluating the admission applications.

He added that students who have been admitted based on their AS-level grades will not be terminated over poor A2 results.

No matter what their A2 result is, their admission will remain intact on the basis of the results of the first year.


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Nabhan Shah Karim, lecturer, and head of media department at the Institute of Business Management (IBM) has said that the institute has eased its admission policy as well, adding that IBM will not reject admissions of A-level students who didn’t achieve the minimum Cs in their exams.

Zeeshan Zain, Admissions Deputy Manager at Habib University, disclosed that the university is drafting a policy to accommodate A-level students in the admission process.

  • I feel you, I was downgraded from C to D, it’s especially painful considering I was high while giving the papers that got me a C, imagine what it would be if I was sober. Lol

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