PTA Asks YouTube to Block Indecent Content Or…

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has asked video-sharing platform YouTube to immediately block vulgar, indecent, immoral, nude and hate speech content for viewing in Pakistan.

PTA has done so keeping in view the extremely negative effects of indecent/immoral/nude content available on YouTube and to prevent repugnant discord due to the presence of hate speech and sectarian material.

PTA has approached YouTube to immediately ensure blocking of objectionable content and to prevent the usage of its platform for disseminating such content.

In addition the platform has also been directed to put in place an effective content monitoring and moderation mechanism so that the unlawful material is detected/deleted and not accessible within Pakistan.

PTA didn’t say anything relating to any action if YouTube fails to entertain Islamabad’s demands.

  • Ban youtube from Pakistan. We dont need such vulgar platform in our countty. Also we dont care about liberals, qadiani lovers and feminist aunties. They love youtube for their own western and american agenda. If China can live without it so we can live without it as well.

  • Pakistan needs youtube. youtube doesn’t need pakistan… simple as that… and paindu’s who don’t know the value of youtube, they will favor this idiocy of stupid ban culture that is gaining heat here…

    • Banda tera account hack kar k delete kardey manhoos insaan kabhi kisi kaam ka comment kartay ho?

  • The internet is full of indecent content. why don’t they serve notice to other companies as well? This is an attempt to stop opposition voices. Pathetic approach.

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