All Imports Worth Rs. 5,000 or More Can be Detained by Customs: FBR

Any product imported into Pakistan through postal or air courier services with a declared value up to Rs. 5,000 will be examined, checked, and could be detained by the customs authorities to revise and verify the declared values of imported goods for accurate assessment of duties and taxes.

This new measure has been taken by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for collecting the duties and taxes on the import of goods by the postal or courier services accurately based on the declared value of the imported items.

FBR has issued a draft of the “De-minimis rules for imported goods” through the issuance of S.R.O.886(I)2020 for amendments in the Customs Rules 2001.

As per the present practice, the postal or courier service providing companies are not bound to make any special list of the imported items having declared value up to Rs. 5,000 as per the label of the imported product. There were no such reporting requirements for the postal and courier companies.

FBR has not issued any such rules for courier companies for examination/assessment of goods having declared value up to Rs 5,000.

The customs officials were also not required to specifically examine or check courier goods having declared value of up to Rs 5,000. The FBR has started documentation of the record of all such items or goods brought into Pakistan by the postal or courier services.

After this, the customs officials will have the authority to stop the clearance of such goods and also increase the value of the imported goods from Rs. 5000 to the upward revised value for increasing the duties and taxes where necessary.

FBR will also be able to check evasion of duties and taxes on the import of goods cleared through the postal or air courier services, customs officials added.

The revenue board stated that the new rules shall apply to the goods imported through postal service and air couriers only. The “de minimis value” means the value of goods up to Rs 5,000 in terms of the provisions of section 19C of the Customs Act whereas postal goods” means goods cleared in terms of the provisions of Landing and Clearing of Parcels Rules as mentioned in Chapter XVI of the Customs Rules, 2001.

According to the new rules, the postal or courier authorities shall submit a separate list of the goods along with invoices and other documents if any, wherein the declared value is up to Rs. 5,000. The Customs authorities shall scrutinize the list and shall have the right to examine or detain any goods to verify the declared value or compliance with the requirements of any other law applicable thereon.

However, the postal or courier authorities shall not file goods declaration or demand payment of duty and taxes for goods with a value up to Rs. 5,000.

The postal or courier authorities shall submit a consolidated monthly e-statement of all such clearances along with copies of the invoice of the imported goods cleared under these rules to the concerned Customs authorities for reconciliation of the record in the prescribed manner.

For the purpose of application of the provisions of section 19C of the Customs Act 1969, the value mentioned on the label of the postal good or the courier receipt shall be considered as the declared value.

For conversion of invoice value into Pakistani Rupees, the postal or courier authorities shall take the official exchange rate of the previous day, FBR rules added.

A final notification will be an issue after the approval and will come effective in the next month i.e. October 2020.

  • Aik to custom officials ki 2 numbri ki wajah se Ali Express ka samaan bhi Pakistan pohanch kr ghaib hojata hai. And sellers ko nuqsaan uthana parta hai since ppl get money back… Most sellers who experience this have stopped sending shipments to Paksitan.
    Aur ab yeh rules bhi aise be tuke bana rahe hain taake aur tang ho awaam and Bahr k businesses Paksitan ae hi na… On the other hand India bohat taizi se tarraki kr raha hai aur hum wapis stone age mai ja rahe hain.

  • I imported parts of my machinery and customs told me that they have lost the packet. They are the worst people and work with Bribery only. Rishwat Khors now have more power to blackmail people. PTI is proving to be the worst than previous government. Government is squeezing the small and medium businesses with both hands. If you follow rules in Pakistan then you are doomed, but if you import illegally from Chaman, Afghan borders and Iran then no one will touch you. This is the system of so called Midene ki Riasat.

    • Everyone pls. Download and Lodge your complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal Application…. Ap sab apni Shikayat Pakistan Citizen Portal per darj kerwaoo…. Zaroor amal ho ga…

      • @irfan Bhai aap kis dunya main rahtay hain?. Try to do that against Police and customs in Citizens portal. They will open your name to the officers and you will be blackmailed that why you did that in the first place. A friend of mine did that. Now Custom officers are investigating his every import. They even have forward his name to FBR to do more investigation on tax evasions. Officers take these complaints on a personal level and they can even lodge huge cases against you.

  • Everyone pls. Download and Lodge your complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal Application…. Ap sab apni Shikayat Pakistan Citizen Portal per darj kerwaoo…. Zaroor amal ho ga…

  • Aap sab thek Kah Rahay Hai in sab Ki aisi harkatoo Ki waja say Ebay say purchase nahi Kar saktay or na pakistan say PayPal ka account Bana saktay hai ab yeh Aliexpress ko bhi band karwa k dam lay gay

  • Another step to promote corruption. O bhai govt may bethay logon sy tu tax Liya ni jata aur chaley awaam py naya bouj dalney. Un logon ko bhi tu daikho jihon ny foren aik saal k andar andar banks say Sara Black money nikal k multistory rental building bana rahy hyn ta k apni source of income ko tax say bachey k liye White kr sakyn. Big saving the big man and poor under crush

  • Firs they should fix the corrupt people. Bought Rs. 1000 item, it was below 5k, they sent Rs. 3000+ customs duty with so many addition items like storage costs, this tax that tax even migrant tax , I checked circular of tax and they clearly blatantly charged wrong irrespective of category, when I tried to goto their IMO office, IMO office is in cantt Chaklala which isn’t a public place so they wouldn’t even let one that cantt area to talk with them. Sadly I couldn’t even get my parcel & left. Yes system is bad, extremely bad and you’re at their mercy, it leaves room for touts to play. Really sad

  • My dears, small business man ho ya importer , exporter 95% tax Chor hen. For example, medical store se hum sab medicine purchase karte hen aur bill bhi Lete hen. Kia Kabhi aap ne us bill ko ghor se Dekha? (Nahi …..,) Ab Zara ghor karen k Kia medical store owner ne us bill / cash memo par apna NTN no. , Sales Tax Registration no. Mention Kia hota h ? (G. Nahi …..,) Kiyun ? Is liey k Jo S.Tax us ne aap se Kisi bhi product par wusool Kia wo bill me shamil Nahi Kia bulke usey APNI Jeb me Dal Lia instead of payment into govt treasury. My dears, Kia Pakistan ki tamam chambers of commerce, small business traders organizations so rahi hen ? (G. Nahi………) Wo bhi masti me must hen. Lehaza idaron ko galian dene ki bajaey aap in tijarat k champions se sawal kion Nahi karte k purchaser ko Sales tax invoice kion Nahi de jati ?

    • Aik to aap jaise loag awaam ko truck ki batti k peeche laga dete hain…. Janaab, jin traders ki aap baat kr rahe hain they are used to the corruption of Custom officials. Woh unhe khilla k khush rakhte hain and apna kaam chalae rakhte hain isliye mast hain…. Yeh Idaaro ka kaam hai k aam awaam ko relief pohanchai and to make sure k proper tax lain traders se…… Jin NTN k baghair saadhi raseedo ki aap baat kr rahe hain woh akela trader nai khaata balke doosre idaaro ko bhi khilaata hai. Loag bilkul sahi gaaliyaan de rahe hain…. Apni aankhain kholain taake pata chale kuch k ird gird ho kiya raha hai.

    • yeh to haal hai hamara… Idhr asro rusookh rakhne waale apni marketing kr rahe hain kuch paiso k badle…. Phir kehte hain k idaro ko gali na dain…. woh haraam khae phir bhi nai???

  • Mere AliExpress wale parcel last 3 months se mje recv ni ho rhe…kch ki payment mje waps mil gyi hy … Lakin sawal hy k parcel kidhr ja rhe hyn .. citizens portal py b complaint krwa di …but in vain …

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