SNGPL Warns of a Severe Gas Shortage This Winter

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has warned of a severe gas shortage in case of prolonged winter this year.

Following a report predicting an extended winter season this year, the gas company issued a statement saying that the gap between demand and supply will widen due to a sharp increase in gas consumption during winter.

In severe cold, SNGPL may face a gas shortage of up to 500 MMCFD.


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In case of shortage, the gas will be provided to domestic consumers during specific hours for cooking, the gas company said.

It said that the Import of LNG is being ensured in view of increasing demand for gas. Despite all efforts, the industrial sector may face load-shedding during winter.


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Notably, a portal has predicted a record-breaking prolonged winter season in the country due to La-Nina and other climate change factors.

For the unaware, La-Nina is a complex weather pattern that repeats every few years, as a result of varying ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.

  • So Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was locked in jail for signing LNG deals with Qatar and Imran Khan told himself that PML_N did corruption and there is no gas shortage in the future. But now it seems that PML_N was right about LNG deals and future gas shortages and the short-sightedness of the current government is again hitting Pakistan with full force. We should think above Party affiliation to see the clearer picture. The so called looters were far better than this Naik government.

  • This incompetent government is fully responsible for this setback, those from oil and gas knows supply demand scenario of gas and widening gap, this year shortfall is 1.6bcfd, this is official number and will rise to nearly 6bcfd. They cried LNG deals as corruption in 2 years, NAB failed to prove. SKA was right. LNG import is still restricted, one terminal at 80%and second at 20-30%…I wonder this government is dreaming of some miracle a d had will come from heaven. People will suffer dearly.

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