Punjab Govt is Setting Up Insaf Academies With Online Lectures & Tests

The Punjab government has announced to set up Insaf Academies province-wide for the welfare of students.

The provincial education minister, Murad Raas, announced this on Monday. He said that recorded lectures will be delivered to students who join the academy.


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Students of the Insaf Academy will be able to self-assess their progress through online tests available on the academy’s website, he noted.

The education minister said that the government is focused on promoting the English language in schools and 1000 master trainers have been hired for achieving the target.

Earlier in February, the Punjab government had announced establishing 100 Insaf schools in Lahore by the end of the year. The plan, however, was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The notification in this regard said that these schools will be set up in rented buildings for which the education authority approved Rs. 200 million.


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The Excise Department will inspect the buildings before renting it for educational purposes.

Last year, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar launched the ‘Insaf Afternoon Schools’ program to educate out-of-school children. The CM had also revived Urdu as the medium of instruction, with English as a subject up to primary level education in the province.

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