Twitter Will Now Ask People to Hide Potentially Offensive Replies

Twitter is testing out a new feature that could help decrease the number of arguments and negative interactions on the platform. The social network giant is testing new prompts that will ask people if they want to hide potentially offensive replies in their tweets to avoid unwanted disputes.

Twitter hide replies

The feature was spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. It will add pop-ups that will alert people in case of any offensive remarks detected by Twitter’s system. It will serve as a reminder for people that they can hide their replies and will even cause them to rethink retaliatory comments before they are sent.

This could act as a circuit breaker feature for Twitter that could stop arguments before they even happen, something that could easily improve the civility of the ongoing interaction and the platform as a whole.

Although these measures appear to be small, Twitter has previously announced that small features such as “read before retweeting” have led people to open and read articles 40% more often before retweeting. Instagram also noted positive results ever since it introduced warnings for potentially offensive posts.

Twitter has not revealed when this feature is rolling out, but it appears to be promising nonetheless.