UAE Denies Entry to 678 Pakistanis With Tourist Visas

678 Pakistanis were denied entry into the UAE for not complying with the new travel conditions.

According to new conditions, travelers on a visit visa from five countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan must have a valid round-trip ticket for entry into Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).


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According to the new rules, travelers not complying with the regulations will be sent back to their country at the expense of the airlines.

Pakistan Consulate General announced that the 678 passengers were traveling on a tourist visa. Consulate General announced that 558 passengers have already been sent back from DXB, while the remaining 120 are expected to be adjusted in various flights in the next 12 hours.

He assured that the Consulate General helpdesk is working around the clock and are doing everything in their power to assist the stranded passengers.


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The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai confirmed that the passengers did not have a round-trip ticket, nor did they have any hotel reservation or a relative’s reference.

He ensured that the passengers complying with the new rules will face no delays and will be granted entry according to the procedure.

  • Suggest the MOFA Pakistan should play level playing order. Pakistan an OIC member contributed towards the development, progress of UAE. This would not mean grant of Visa but consider opportunities provided to Pakistanis after due diligence by the MOFA and the UAE authorities, have a positive/legal, sympathetic outlook to visitors, compliant.

    • Traveling agents are the culprits and airline is so stupid allowing travellers to board on plane without return tichekts . Above all our own people are so ingnorant.

  • Is quite simple, follow the rules of the country you are visiting. The airline and CAA did not comply by their rules so they were denied entry.
    “tatti” to bhari hay aadhi population keh yahan otherwise corona mein hazaron ka jalsa nahin hota. Phir kehtay ho “mujhe kion nikala” from UAE hahaha

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