Has Saudi Arabia Voted Against Pakistan at FATF Plenary?

A renowned journalist, Sabir Shakir, has claimed that Saudi Arabia has voted against Pakistan in the virtual plenary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

He also asserted that Saudi Arabia lobbied to woo the support of other Muslim countries including Turkey to move Pakistan into the blacklist of the global financial watchdog.


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However, the claim has turned out to be spurious as Azhar Mashwani, Focal Person on Digital Media to CM Punjab, has pointed out.

Taking to Twitter, Mashwani termed the claim made by Sabir Shakir as fake, adding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will shortly issue a statement over the fake news.

Although the virtual plenary of FATF is being held from 21 to 23 October, FATF will decide whether to remove Pakistan from its ‘grey list’ or move it to its ‘blacklist’ on the last day of the session.

In June 2018, the FATF had placed Pakistan on its grey list due to strategic shortcomings in its anti-money laundering and terror financing (ML&TF) regime after strong lobbying from India supported by the US, the UK, and the European Union (EU).


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After Pakistan’s placement on FATF’s grey list, the Pakistani government had committed to a 27-point action plan to remove deficiencies from its ML&TF regime.

Earlier this year in February, the FATF had urged Pakistan to complete the 27-point action plan by June. In case of failure, the FATF had warned to move Pakistan to its blacklist.

Moreover, it also gave a four-month grace (March-June) period to Pakistan to completely implement its 27-point ML&TF action plan, noting that the country had achieved only 14 targets.

The FATF session was originally scheduled in June. However, the Paris-based agency had decided to postpone all evaluations and follow-up deadlines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus giving additional four months (July-October) to Pakistan to complete the MT&TF action plan.


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By September, the federal government had amended 15 laws to reconcile Pakistan’s legal system with international standards as required by the FATF.

Earlier this month, the federal government furnished the compliance report on the 13 outstanding action points to FATF, which will be reviewed on the last- 23 October- of virtual plenary.

Foreign Office officially rejects the fake story

The spokesperson for Foreign Office, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, has categorically denounced media reports which suggested that Saudi Arabia has voted against Pakistan in the FATF plenary.

While terming the story as false and baseless, the spokesperson said that Pakistan values its relationship with Saudi Arabia and strongly rejects such malicious propaganda against a brotherly nation.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy strong fraternal ties and the two countries have always cooperated with each other on all matters of bilateral, regional, and international importance.

  • yes he will
    Saudia not in faovr of Pakistan until PAK Accept ISRAEL
    & Saudia only implement 2000RIYAL to Pakistani Poeple for twice umra


  • It looks fake bcs Sabir S never gave us any clue how he claimed that KSA went against Pakistan.I am also not that much positive about KSA that they will support Pakistan. but tomorrow is the last day to have the butter out on this

  • It is true. saudis are no more with pak.

    Saudi also demanded their loan and deferred oil payments back after FO minister qureshi sometime ago said that OIC should take up kashmir issue even if saudia does not endorses. 1 billion dollars were returned to them overnight by pak thus it makes sense why pak had to print 1.1 trillion rupees new currency notes during 2020 to meet deficits.

    Abhinandan was also released hastily after gen raheel sharif’s call from saudia saying that they will side with India and not with pak in case big scale war breaks out.

    Let’s be practical and rethink over what can be done to stablize pak both on economic and diplomatic frontiers.

  • Middle Eastern Countries do not have any sentiments with Pakistan for sure, they are all Pro Indians. So do not expect anything from them. I dont think they will favour Pakistan in FATF. Pakistan has done lot of hard work in FATF compliance and this is totally unfair. We have seen practically how efficiently Pakistan Govt has implemented the FATF requirements. Only China, Turkey & Malaysia are true friends of Pakistan.

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