DRAP Launches New App For Reporting Adverse Effects of Medicines

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has introduced a free application for reporting adverse drug reactions.

Named “Med Safety,” the application has been developed by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


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After a simple sign up process, Med Safety users can report adverse drug reactions and view immediate acknowledgment of receipt of their reports.

Users can also view and add updates to previously submitted reports through Med Safety. It also allows users to create a customized watch list consisting of medications, news, and alerts.

While explaining the rationale behind the introduction of Med Safety in Pakistan, a spokesperson for DRAP said that medicines are developed to be as safe and effective as possible, but they can still cause side effects. It is important for people to report adverse effects as this information can be used to identify previously unknown issues with those medicines.


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The spokesperson added that adverse effects sometimes stop patients from completing their treatment, which can lead to even more serious problems. Reporting adverse effects encourages a dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals and helps professionals to identify and investigate unknown or poorly described adverse effects.

  • DRAP Free App., reports adverse Drug re-actions.
    Developed by “Med Safety” UK’s MHRA, can report Drug re-actions view acknowledgeent receipt of their reports. Adverse Drug Re-Actions.
    Wonderful, super achievement. Pakistan is a country with packaging/printing excellence. Earlier I heard from my UN contacts the story of Free App., DRAP is accredited Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, and has to justify its role to exist. Help can be arranged from reliable/authentic institutions alliance with DRAP and matching instituions should invest resources in R&D to save human lives. We see every where lunches, dinners, give aways, doctors/DRAP sponsored visits in business class to EU, with 7 star accommodation all sponsored from the poor patients of Covid-19. May I request the honorable FBR expenses of DRAP, visits of doctors in business class, sponsored visits stay in 7 star hotels, in the name of conferences etc. Suggest the FBR should examine/review if there is un-just relevance of the expenses claimed for Clinical Trails, advertising, promotions, etc., the purchase of a helicopter for NICVD, Jinnah Hospital, for doctors, VIP. Poor patient cannot take the burden of all the lavish, and be reported to the FBR for Pharma promotions, hospital clinical trails are always free. they should be free and opened. AKUH should declare to the FBR.

  • Medicine Ki Surety Ka Do
    Na He QR Code Do; k Her Dawai Check Ho Sake
    Her Shaks Ghar Biathe Dawai Ka Naam Malom kar Sake Case to Case Dr. Se RECHECK Kar Le
    Autorized Mecdine Clinic Hospital, Pharmacy Shop Details Ho
    Par Nahi Falto K Apps Bnawa Lo In Se

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