Here’s Why Pakistan Rejects Israel is Trending on Twitter

In line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance, Pakistani Twitter users have rejected the idea of Pakistan opening ‘channels of communication’ with Israel, as the hashtag #PakistanReject_Israel became the top trend on Twitter on Thursday.

Pakistan is currently one of the few nations that do not recognize Israel. Pakistan has been a staunch supporter of the rights of Palestinians.

Though Prime Minister Khan has categorically rejected the idea of normalizing ties with the Jewish country, a faction of media continues to raise the issue to cause a stir.


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The latest episode started earlier this week when a renowned Pakistan journalist, Mubasher Luqman, appeared on an Israeli TV channel and supported the idea of normalization between Pakistan and Israel. He also praised Israel as a nation and said it was a reality, not a dream anymore.

Luqman’s statement was followed by a tweet from another pro-government journalist Kamran Khan tweet, who first broke the news of the meeting between Saudi Crown Prince and Israeli Prime Minister and then called for Pakistan’s policy shift towards Israel.

Message for we Pakistanis from the Custodians of the Holy Mosques and other brothers in the Arab world. “Nations don’t have permanent friends or enemies, only interests”. Why is Pakistan shy of exercising its options?


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The developments over the week renewed the discussion of whether Pakistan was reconsidering its policy for Israel. However, the Foreign Office moved quickly to rubbish the notion on Wednesday. FO spokesperson, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, ‘categorically rejected baseless speculation regarding the possibility of recognition of the State of Israel by Pakistan.’

The decision is in line with the public sentiments who see Israel as an illegitimate state that has been established on occupied lands of Palestinians. It was evident on Twitter where people hailed PM Khan as a hero for not succumbing to international pressure to recognize Israel.


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Here is how people reacted to Khan’s decision in this regard:

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