UK Becomes The First Country To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine Use

British regulator MHRA has reportedly stated the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is perfectly safe for public roll-outs next week. Immunity Drives have been scheduled for next week, with the country having ordered 40 million doses for an initial 20 million population group.

According to BBC, the first batch of 10 million doses is expected to arrive in the UK in the next few days. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, tweeted his acknowledgment of the reports, all the while suggesting consistent usage of face masks and hand sanitizers.


Although vaccination is expected to start, people in the UK have been advised to remain vigilant and follow standard operating procedures to curb any unnecessary spread of the virus.

How Current COVID-19 Vaccines Compare

Apart from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine arriving in the UK next week, other vaccine developments have also garnered a lot of attention.

COVID Vaccine Comparison | ProPakistani

Russia is working on a vaccine they call Sputnik, and the Chinese military has approved the one developed by CanSino Biologics. Both work in a similar way to the Oxford vaccine, pending approval from relevant authorities.

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