CDA to Upgrade All Public Parks in Islamabad in Coming Months

According to Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), Amir Ali Ahmed, the corporation has initiated the up-gradation of all public parks of the federal capital.

The statement from the CDA Chief came at the end of a day-long visit to F-9 Park, Super Market, F-6, Jinnah Super Market, F-7, F-8, Golra Interchange, Kashmir Highway, F-10, and other places to inspect the work of CDA.


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He said there are 235 small and big parks in Islamabad. 50 parks will be upgraded in the next few weeks while the remaining will be transformed into modernized recreational facilities in the coming months.

The Chief revealed that 40% of the street lights of Islamabad have been restored and pledged to restore the remaining lights at main roads, link roads, and streets soon.


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He added that roads of F-6, F-7, F-8 have completely been repaired while the repair work on the roads of sectors G-5, G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, G-10, and G-11 is underway.

While directing the concerned wings of CDA to expedite the work, the Chairman also expressed satisfaction over the quality work of the authority regarding street lights, road carpeting, lane marking, kerbstone, environment, and cleanliness across the city.

  • As usual F-10 and F-11 will be the last to get street lights fixed. Most of the traffic intersection lights are non operative for over a month. It is ridiculous that CDA does not prioritise the works in order of importance

    • Sir you are absoleutly right…but i request CDA chairman to visit sector 1/14 once in his life and check the roads and parks

  • IJP road is neglected by the federal and provincial govts for the last many years. Despite the fact that it is the busiest road in the twin cities, its condition is very miserable. Immediate attention of the concerned authorities is required for its repair/restoration.

  • I requested to Chairman CDA, kindly visit to Sector I-14, because this sector also part of Islamabad and under to CDA, There is no basic livings facilities i.e roads, parks, streetlights, water and sanitation system.

  • Green area between G.10 and G 11. still have to be developed in for jogging track + other recreational facilities like other green areas have.
    It has never been cleaned ,we expect track + other park facility work on this green belt project soon

  • Respected sir, i/10 sector is also a part of the capital plz visi rods condition and street lights are in misrible more thing ijp road plz don’t ignor this road thanks.

  • Kindly do something for the stalled & neglected sectors specially sector i – 12.
    🤲 since more than 30 yrs.

  • براہ کرم جی ٹن کے اتوار بازار کی پارکنگ اور اندر کے راستے پر بھی توجہ دیں بہت برے حالات ہیں گندگی الگ ہے

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