Pakistan’s Fan Manufacturers Fall into an Unprecedented Crisis

Abdul Razak Dawood, the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment met with the representatives of Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association (PEFMA).

The officials of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) were also present.

The PEFMA representatives highlighted their concerns on the continued loss of competitiveness by the fan industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fahad Rafiq, Chairman PEFMA, informed that various segments of the industry were facing extreme shortages of copper and aluminium raw material. These included manufactures of fan, utensils, electrical wires, car parts, kitchenware, die casting, machining, and aluminium window frame manufactures, etc.

He informed that this was due to a sudden spike in exports of these materials which have resulted in quadrupling their prices in the local market. He informed that keeping in view the demand of the industry, the exports of raw material are mostly restricted or banned in India, China and Malaysia and even the UAE.

The Association informed that copper and aluminium ingots carry negligible value addition of 2%. It also informed that there is 25% Regulatory Duty (RD) on the export of copper scrap but there is none on the export of aluminium ingots and scrap. The Association requested imposition of RD on the export of copper and aluminium ingots so that the export of Fans, which is a value-added product, does not suffer.

The MOC assured the representatives of PEFMA that problems being faced the industry would be examined in detail. Dawood advised the representatives of PEFMA to explore high-end markets.

He strongly advised the Association to get its members certified with the International Certification Agencies and acquire the certifications which are a pre-requisite for entry into the high-end markets. He also urged the fan industry to invest a part of its export earnings in Research and Development (R&D).

Assuring full support of the Government for the promotion of the fan industry on sound footing, Dawood requested the representatives of the Association to recommend professional experts for the “Fan Export Council”, which was being considered in the forthcoming Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF).

The Fan Export Council will include all the related stakeholders and it will develop a long-term vision for the fan’s industry.

  • Chinese and Indian fans are so modern looking and energy efficient. I do not understand why Pakistan produces so much crap?

  • “It also informed that there is 25% Regulatory Duty (RD) on the export of copper scrap but there is none on the export of aluminium ingots and scrap.”

    Every fan manufacturing company (and/or their retailers) claims 99.99% copper windings and they are concerned about Regulatory Duty on Aluminium export? Fishy fishy… I wonder why…?

    Hum ko pagal samjha hai kya, fan bananay walon?!?

    • Minutes of the meeting with list of attendees and companies they represent must be publicly shared. 99.99% copper winding. Right!!!

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