CAA to Implement Strict COVID-19 SOPs at Airports

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has directed all airport managers to strictly implement the COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) at all the airports across Pakistan.

A source at the Karachi Airport said that the airport managers are personally supervising the implementation, as a result of which a number of passengers were denied entry into the airports over violations.

“No one, whether passengers or airport staff, is allowed to enter the airports’ premises without a facemask,” he said.


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The CAA has also directed all the airlines to comply with the SOPs, to ensure that their staff wear face masks and avoid handshakes, and to warn about strict action against non-compliance.

The manager of the Jinnah International Airport, Imran Khan, said on a news channel that it had barred several passengers from entering the airport’s premises without face masks.

“They were stopped at entry points and were provided with masks,” he said.

He added that the airport staff had been warned about the violations and that they would be fined for violating the SOPS the next time.


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The CAA has been dealing with the second wave of pandemic proactively and had updated its COVID-19 advisory on 5 January in this regard.

The new update has eliminated the condition of pre-boarding COVID-19 tests for passengers from Category A which comprises 23 countries including China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Passengers from other countries still have to provide negative PCR tests at the time of boarding a Pakistan-bound flight.