IHC Rejects Petition on How COVID-19 Vaccines are Meant to Change Our DNA

As countries are rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, conspiracy theorists are also active in spreading lies about the vaccine. Such an anti-vaxxer approached the Islamabad High Court (IHC) with a petition seeking a stay order on the government’s vaccine plans.

The plaintiff, Tariq Khokar, through his counsel, Tariq Asad, sought the court’s intervention against the government’s drive to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine.

The petition argued that the vaccines are being used to implant a microchip in people that will alter their DNA.


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Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb told the petitioner to refuse to get vaccinated if he thinks it not suitable for his DNA. The petitioner’s lawyer responded that international travel would be impossible without vaccine certification, once the vaccine comes to Pakistan.

The learned counsel then drew a diagram on a paper to substantiate the claim that the vaccine would be used to implant microchips in people.

“They would spy on us through artificial intelligence,” he added.

Questioning why Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works on vaccine development, the lawyer said that Gates is also working on the agenda to decrease the world population, which should not be ignored.

Furthermore, he remarked,

Through this vaccine, the DNA of pigs and chimpanzees would be inserted into people’s bodies.


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The judge quipped if the vaccine would only turn Pakistanis into monkeys. The lawyer responded negative but added,

They would do this to the whole world, while we would become their slaves. Currently, we as a nation are in a lockup, while after vaccination, all of us would be in prison.

After listening to the arguments, the judge dismissed the plea as non-maintainable.

  • Wow, the conversation between the two is stupefying. The complainant produced his claims based on his imagination, and the Judge instead of asking for scientific evidence, indulged his with counter arguments! This is the mental level of our Judges! The judge should have asked for peer reviewed Publications from the man to substantiate his claims regarding (i) whether DNA from other mammals can affect human DNA and (ii) Possibility of injecting AI controlled microchips and potential of spying through injections.
    Justice needs to be fare and based on facts, rather then intuitions and counter intuitions!

  • Lawyer : no scientific background
    Judge : no scientific background
    Writer : no scientific background
    Me (reader) : no scientific background

    Allah help us.

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