Fact Check: News of Ali Sadpara’s Safe Return is Incorrect

The news of the safe return of the missing mountaineers, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Juan Pablo Mohr, and John Snorri Sigurjonsson has been verified as false, and an important press conference will be held today to provide further information about them.


Deputy Commissioner Shigar District, Azeemullah, urged the public to refrain from spreading misleading news about Sadpara on social media as it hurts the sentiments of his family.


Forward-Looking Infrared Being Used to Find Ali Sadpara & Other K2 Climbers

According to a press release issued by the K2 Virtual and Physical Base Camp on Monday, an unprecedented search and rescue operation in the history of mountaineering is underway on K2, details of which will be shared during the press conference. It read:

Please give time, space, and compassion to the families of the missing climbers. Share your stories about them so they will be remembered.


Staying Socially Responsible is What We Want To Do, Not Something We Have To: SCO

Sadpara and his team were last seen on 5 February near the Bottleneck on K2, and their status has been unclear since then.


  • un pakistnaio par allah ka ajaz ayai jo youtube par paisay kama rai hai is par fake new chala kar :()

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