Oppo Explains How its Smartphone With a Rollable Display Works

Originally introduced at the Inno day conference 2020, Oppo’s rollable phone the Oppo X 2021 has been making headlines. Recently, the smartphone appeared in hands-on review videos online and now the company is revealing more details about the concept phone.

At the ongoing MWC Shanghai 2021, the company explained how the rollable display works and what goes into expanding it from 6.7-inches to 7.4-inches. This was demoed in a short video.

The rollable display is controlled by two roll motors that generate a constant force to retract and extend the display. These motors use gears to connect the Warp Track laminate a.k.a. timing belt. The display moves across the central axis that is 6.8 mm in diameter. According to the company, this allows the OLED display to flex yet still return to its original form without a mark or crease.

The display is supported by Oppo’s proprietary 2-in-1 plate display support technology. This keeps the screen from collapsing inward. As the display retracts, the two support substrates come together forming one surface. On unrolling, one of the substrates rolls out. Both the substrates support the display with zero segment gap, giving a smooth appearance.

To promote easy bending and rolling, Oppo has used its proprietary Warp Track laminate that has been built using very high-strength steel. At its thinnest, it measures only 0.1 mm but is still strong enough to support the display. The laminate comes with a linear pattern etched on the surface. This adds to the resilience of the display.

According to the company, this new smartphone form factor will have numerous use cases in the future and will redefine how smartphones operate. Oppo believes this form factor is more stable as compared to foldable phones.

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