China Allows Visa Relaxation If You Opt for Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine

China is relaxing its border restrictions which will allow some travelers to enter the mainland, from countries including the US, India, and Pakistan, provided they have been administered a Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

According to the notices issued by Chinese embassies in several countries, travelers who have received Chinese COVID-19 jabs, and obtained vaccination certificates will be facilitated for visa applications, which have started from 15 March 2021.

In order to control the spread of COVID-19, China closed its border for most foreigners in March 2020, however, now the country has eased its visa restriction for a few countries.


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The Chinese Embassy in the US stated that it has begun to process “visa applicants inoculated with Chinese COVID-19 vaccines”.

Similar statements were also issued by Chinese embassies in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Italy, and Sri Lanka.


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This is applicable for this week for the travelers going to China for work resumption, business travel, or for ‘humanitarian needs’, provided that they had either two doses of vaccine administered or a single-dose administered at least 14 days before applying for the visa.

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