Dr Faisal Sultan Reveals How Many Pakistanis Wear Face Masks

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Dr. Faisal Sultan, revealed that only five percent of Pakistanis wear masks in public.

In a media briefing, Dr. Faisal said that compliance with the COVID-19 SOPs is essential amidst the third and deadlier wave of the pandemic.

He said that the coronavirus positivity rate has increased and is putting more pressure on the country’s healthcare system.


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“We are worried about the availability of beds at hospitals,” he added.

According to the data from 1—11 April, people (especially from the transport sector) have been violating the SOPs.

“We told cities to close all businesses and markets on certain days and found that they did not follow the instructions,” Dr. Sultan added.

He revealed that restaurants have resumed indoor dining, and stressed that the public must take the virus and its repercussions seriously.


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“The virus is spreading at alarming rates and we need to be more cautious,” he warned.

Dr. Sultan has also requested the Ulema to help the government in raising awareness about the implementation of the SOPs.

  • If Dr. Faisal really want to do something about people not following SOPs, he should ask federal minister Fawad ch. why SOPs were not followed at his party last week? Which Aalim will he ask to create awareness in Fawad Ch.?

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