ISI and RAW Officials Held Secret Meetings on Kashmir in Dubai: Reuters

Top officials of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) held high-level secret talks earlier this year, international media reports suggested.

The secret meeting was held in Dubai in January this year, facilitated by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Leading international news agency Reuters has reported, quoting Indian sources familiar with the matter, that the core agenda of the meet was to calm the military tension over Kashmir.


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The two neighboring countries have been at loggerhead since Pakistan downed Indian fighter aircraft after a few of their jets breached Pakistan’s airspace.

The situation further worsened when Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, abrogated Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to withdraw the autonomy of Indian-occupied Kashmir, provoking outrage across the border.

However, several attempts have been made from both sides to normalize bilateral relations.


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Previously, there were reports that national security advisors of both countries spoke through a backdoor channel, and then there were talks of an expected meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan.

The latest development on this topic suggests that top officials of ISI and RAW have held secret talks in Dubai.

Both governments have yet to comment on the development.

Via: Reuters

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