EaseUS Data Recovery Software Remains One of the Best to Save Precious Data

Recovering your lost data can be quite a headache. There are only a few noteworthy apps and software that can recover it and EaseUS remains one of the best data recovery software.


It is quite simple to use but can be expensive for a single user. It can also be a bit slow sometimes but it gets the job done seamlessly for the money you pay. There is a free version of the software, but the premium plans are the better way to go.

Getting Started

Loading up the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will show you all your storage devices and drives connected to the computer, just like your usual Windows File Explorer. You can scan your computer again if you don’t see the drive or device you want to recover data from.

You can choose to scan any of your drives and it will start the process right away. The scan will show you all your deleted and lost files along with their file structure and details including file size, date modified, file type, and more. You can also find specific files through the search bar on the top right.

To recover your files from a drive, simply select all your desired files and hit Recover. You will then choose a recovery destination and will start the recovery process. It can take a while depending on the size of your files but it will generally be quicker for smaller files.

For convenience, the recovery wizard also lets you pause and stop an ongoing scan.


File Recovery

Recovering a drive of up to 16GB can take about 5-10 minutes depending on your files. There is a chance that all your files will not be recovered, but this is a rare issue. EaseUS is usually able to get everything back.

Scanning sessions can also be saved so you can load up previous scans instead of having to perform a new one each time.

Final Words

Overall, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is quite simple to use, making data recovery easy for everyone. It also gets the job done quite well most of the time, but the scans can be a bit slow and the premium subscriptions are not cheap. In short, if you’re willing to cough up some cash, EaseUS will not disappoint.



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