These New Displays From Samsung Can Fold in Unique Ways [Videos]

Motorola, Oppo, Huawei, and now Samsung, all of them have wandered into the realm of foldable tech in the past, however, they’ve still got a lot to catch up with when compared to what’s Samsung has shown off for its foldable tech.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, Samsung has unveiled four new foldable displays including three new panels for smartphones and a display that could be used in a foldable laptop.

The panels showcased are the Samsung Flex S foldable, Flex G foldable, and Flex Slideable aimed at smartphones, while the Flex Note panels could make their way to keyboard-less laptops with foldable displays.

Flex S & Flex G

Among other Flex displays, Samsung has showcased the Flex S and Flex G foldable displays for phones at the CES 2022. The Flex S fold opens up into a large display and features three panels that fold outward. While the Flex S offers a larger display with a rather compact form factor, two of the outward-facing display panels are exposed to scratches and damage. The device unfolds into the shape of the letter S, as shown in the video below.


On the other hand, the Flex G features three inward-folding panels which ultimately reduces the probability of accidentally damaging the screen, unlike the Flex S. As per the device’s specs, Samsung suggests that the S fold design is better for large-screen displays, while the G is well suited for both small displays as well as big screens.

Flex Note

Now, coming to the Samsung Flex Note, this isn’t just another Galaxy Note device. Rather, it is Samsung’s version of foldable displays for notebooks and laptops. It is built around a large screen with a two-way folding design.

Basically, the Flex Note panel is a concept for laptops with a single, continuous display and replaces the physical keyboard, according to a report by SamMobile.

This does, however, allow the user to take advantage of the additional screen when streaming Netflix or during gaming. You can even use the other screen to access the touch keyboard and other input options just like you do with a smartphone screen.

The display can be tweaked to work as a drawing pad or as a timeline in video editing software.

Flex Slidable

The Flex Slidable seems to be inspired by Oppo’s rollable concept for the Oppo X 2021.

The Flex Slidable panel was shown off in a concept handset, with a sliding display that rolls out in for additional screen space. While it could be used to expand the viewing area for content, Samsung’s video suggests a set of shortcuts, similar to its swipeable shortcut panel found on its One UI Android skin.

While this foldable technology appears to be quite intriguing, unfortunately, for now, these are just prototypes and Samsung is yet to reveal any plans to turn these concept devices into retail products.