HEC Prepares New Service Structure for Engineering Technologists

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has prepared a service structure for engineering technologists.

According to the official release, the purpose of this service structure is to streamline technologists’ career progression in public, semi-public organizations, departments and also their employment as teaching faculty in universities and higher education institutions. In the document, the definition of technologist has been provided officially for the first time.

In this proposed service structure, qualifications and required experience have been defined for the direct induction of technologists in BPS-17, BPS-18, and BPS-19. Like other office cadre and their service structure, the suggested service structure with BPS/grades and equivalent appointments for technologists are outlined. However, their appointment, nomenclature, duties, and functions may vary in different departments.

According to the proposed service structure, for the post of BPS-17 (which may be called Assistant Technologist/ Assistant Manager or Assistant Director), four years of bachelor’s degree in technology and existing age rules for the grade-17 post shall be applicable. For induction in BPS-18 (which may be called Technologist/ Manager/ Deputy Director), four years of bachelors’ degree and 5 years of relevant experience at Grade-17 and an age limit of 35 years (or rules specified by public service commission) shall be applicable.

Similarly, for the direct induction in BPS-19 (which may be called Senior Technologists/ Senior Manager/ General Manager/ Additional Director) 4 years bachelor’s degree but preferably Msc/MTech Degree and 10 years of experience and 45 years of age limit shall be applicable.

In this service structure criteria for promotions of technologists from BPS-17 to BPS-18, from BPS-18 to BPS-19, and so on is also defined. Similarly, the composition of selection boards and promotion boards of departments have also been proposed. Enrolment procedure and criteria for technologists in public sector universities and higher education institutions are also defined whereas it is proposed that promotion criteria and pay packages shall be defined by HEC in consultation with Vice Chancellors of Public Sectors Universities.

Technologists’ service structure has been presented before the Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education.

  • I’m an Engineering Technologist thanks to HEC for prepared the service structure of Engineering Technologist and this is the great intiatve for us.

  • i am a civil engineering technologist.
    I have Bs technology civil and Ms construction management but without service structure no job and no employment in pakistan.Thanks to HEC for the prepared the SS for engineering technologists.it is great initiative for Technical education in pakistan.

  • Hi it’s great demond of time that with this effort we have to more work over this especially the Role of Engineer Technologist with Contractors and hopefully HEC will do work over it
    We all thanks HEC and Govt

  • I’m an Engineering Technologist thanks to HEC for prepared the service structure of Engineering Technologist and this is the great intiatve for us.

  • Aoa.
    This is Sakhawat Ali, a mechanical engineering technologist. First of all, thanks to almighty Allah and then HEC who did great job for suppressed and deserving sector of our country.
    This great intiative of service structure will not only give the rights to engineering technologist for play their role better in the field but also take our country to the height of technological advancement which is basic necessity for a sustainable development in technology.
    If we go through the history of any developed country, we will come to know that they gave a significant importance the technology.
    So, Dear Engineers & Technologists lets join our hands for a betterment of our country with any discrimination. Please stop to waste your skills n time in non productive things, every one should play his role in at his best for servival of our country in engineering and technology.

    Allah hm sb ka hami o Nasir ho… Aameen!

  • Status of B-Tech Degree in Pakistan

    B-Tech(hons) is the four year degree program which stands for Bachelors in technology. This program was launched in 1973 and it was decided by the ministry of education to give B-Tech degree status at par with the BSc engineering/BE degree.

    Problems faced by B-Tech students

    Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the status of this degree is still undefined causing the graduates to stand no where. Every year 10,000 students of B-Tech are graduated. After so many years, the status of the degree is undefined. Many B.Tech degree holders claim that their knowledge and expertise are same as those of Engineering degree holders. While on the other hand, engineers come through four years study at top universities, and also compete for high merit at the time of admission.

    Their expertise is technology but the vacancies are filled by engineering graduates. Engineers should be appointed in their own field and when it comes to technology, technology graduates should be appointed. It is quite obvious that right job is for the right person. But right now all the engineering and technology jobs are taken up by engineers and technology graduates are still unable to find a way for themselves.

    Difference between Engineering and technology

    – Engineering
    Their particular field is the theories related to research, development, design and operations.

    – Engineering is an outline procedure, combining information of the properties of materials, models that show how these carry on, and imaginative reasoning, to make frequently novel answers for human needs.

    – It primarily focuses on hands-on application of the theories and principles of engineering and science to every day operations such as manufacturing, electronics, medicine, marketing, field testing, design, and customer service.
    – It might be useful to consider technology the way toward making things, utilizing devices, materials, and process abilities to bring into physical reality the plans of engineers (and in addition those of other outline experts, for example, craftsmen and modellers.
    Job Opportunities for B.Tech Degree Holders

    All those areas which require evaluation and checking of materials and products, construction, production, manufacturing, quality control can be a field for technology graduates. Ordinance factories, highways authorities, railways, and irrigation departments offer jobs for technology.

    Federal Public Service Commission considers B.Tech degree holders eligible for Grade-16 jobs. B.Tech degree holders have long been desiring to obtain 17-Grade jobs through CSS as offered to BSc Engineering Degree Holders.

    Educational Opportunities for B.Tech Students

    B.Tech Hons degree is considered 16 years of Education
    B.Tech Hons degree holders can apply to BSc Engineering degree programs with 1-2 years of exemption
    They can also Apply to MS Tecchnology or M.Tech programs
    B.Tech degree holders are eligible to apply for MA/MSc programs. However, some universities offer admission, while others not. But HEC has not put any restrictions on the further studies of B.Tech degree holders. (e.g. QAU Offers admissions to B.Tech degree holders in MSc Electronics and MSc Geophysics )
    B.Tech can also Apply for MBA Program

  • Alhamdulillah ❤️ Thanks HEC for this great discion about Service Structure of Technologiest . Without SS was very tough to work for technologest but now way are become smooth and insha’Allah Technologest will show their efforts in progress of nation.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  • I’m an Engineering Technologist thanks to HEC for prepared the service structure of Engineering Technologist and this is the great intiatve for us.

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