Windows 11 Is Performing Way Worse than Expected: Report

Microsoft has been relentlessly trying to get its users to upgrade to Windows 11. However, a recent dip in the growth of Windows 11 users has indicated that many do not want to upgrade.

BetaNews reported that only after a couple of months of stellar usage growth that helped Windows 11 double its shares, it suddenly came to a halt in March.

BetaNews cited AdDuplex, a cross-promotion platform that highlights the popularity and growth of both Windows 10 and 11. The data from March shows a five times decrease in popularity for Windows 11 as compared to its predecessor.

BetaNews writes:

AdDuplex’s findings show that Windows 11 currently sits on 19.4 percent of PCs, up just 0.1 percentage points from where it was last month (19.3 percent). There are twice as many users running an Insider build now though (0.6 percent), which could be down to Microsoft trying out more experimental features in the Dev Channel.

The adoption rate of Windows 11 has also dipped below Windows 10.

The downfall of Windows points to several reasons such as strict system requirements or the hassle of changing default settings etc. Given the unimpressive stats, it is likely that many more users will choose to stick to their current versions of the Windows OS, with Microsoft having to use other tactics to convince users to upgrade.

  • It’s really not that bad. Make sure you have an SSD, 8 GB RAM as well as a non-ancient CPU/GPU

  • Still lovin’ it with Windows 7 SP2.

    Windows 10/11 are for dumb users working on productivity software only.

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