Karachi University’s New Multi-Million Rupee Buses Gather Dust in Parking Lot

Karachi University, one of the country’s oldest and largest public-sector universities, has been in the headlines in recent weeks for all the wrong reasons due to its poor financial management.

According to details, the university had purchased 8 brand new buses for a total cost of Rs. 100 million. The buses were originally intended to be used for shuttle service inside the campus.

However, the new buses have never been put to use and they are gathering dust in the parking lot of Husein Ebrahim Jamal (HEJ) Research Institute of Chemistry.

The reason behind this is that Karachi University’s finance department isn’t releasing the additional Rs. 8 million needed for the registration and insurance of the new buses.

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The finance department is unnecessarily dragging the issue which directly affects thousands of students. However, when it comes to facilitating the staff members, the finance department has been quick in redirecting funds originally meant for other projects.

Last month, it was reported that Karachi University’s finance department had redirected Rs. 100 million of Ehsaas Scholarship Program to clear the outstanding salaries and leave encashment worth Rs. 140 million of the university’s employees.