Pakistan’s New Traditional Kabaddi League Gets Embroiled in a Controversy

The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation (PKF) has denied the launch of “Traditional Kabaddi Leauge” saying they have not signed any such deal with M/s Strawberry Sports Management regarding the league.

“This is to inform you that Pakistan Kabaddi Federation with respect to a recent announcement made in public by M/s Strawberry Sports Management has no relationship or contract with the announced “Traditional Kabaddi Leauge.”

Recently, the Strawberry Sports Management had stated in a press release that they are launching the country’s first-ever international circle style Kabaddi league by the name of “Traditional Kabaddi League”.

The federation further explained that they have already terminated its contract with Strawberry Sports Management due to poor performance and other league-related issues after the last league they managed.

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation also said that they completely disown the league and the authority will not be responsible for any player signing a contract with the league.

In a notification, PKF said, “Pakistan Kabaddi Federation completely disowns this league and will not be responsible for any getting in contract with the league and its affairs.”

Strawberry Sports Management released a statement in response to the claims made by Pakistan Kabaddi Federation.

At the outset, PKF in the absence of any constituent document and law is trying to assert that they have terminated the agreement with Strawberry Sports Management regarding Kabaddi leagues separate from the Traditional Kabaddi League. In actuality, PKF in order to shy away from the performance of its obligation in those Kabaddi leagues terminated the agreement to monopolize the sports of Kabaddi, and the determination on such matter is pending adjudication in the Court of Umbreen Iqbal Chaudhary, Learned Civil Judge 1st Class, Islamabad – West.

Since the matter is sub judice, therefore, unlike PKF, Strawberry Sports Management is restraining itself to comment on the merits of the case. In the interest of justice and to provide useful information for all relevant stakeholders of sports in general and Kabaddi in particular, Strawberry Sports Management would be happy and keen to share the observations of the Honorable Courts at the appropriate time as and when the Order is issued by the Honorable Courts for the Kabaddi leagues other than the Traditional Kabaddi League.

The Public is further informed that neither any statement has been made by Strawberry Sports Management that the Traditional Kabaddi League has any relationship or contract with PKF nor has it been advertised that the Traditional Kabaddi League is in collaboration with PKF. PKF has no authority under any law to issue any public notice, as the same amounts to harassment, defamation and damaging the conduct of the Traditional Kabaddi League by Strawberry Sports Management through mis-use of the dominant position of PKF against which appropriate legal remedy will be availed before the competent forum.

Please be informed that PKF has no authority under any law for the time being in force to issue any statement or create any hurdle in the conduct of the Traditional Kabaddi League for the sport of Kabaddi, and therefore the Public Notice issued by PKF is merely a failed attempt to exploit and resort to rent seeking behavior, which is highly deprecated and will be dealt with in accordance with law.