Karachi Board Fails to Prevent Paper Leaks and Phone Usage During Exams

Despite its efforts, the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has miserably failed to rein in the cheating mafia during the ongoing annual exams for intermediate.

The exams for classes 11 and 12 started on 18 July, Saturday. Within four days, two papers—one of each part of intermediate—have been leaked before the start of the exam.

The class 12 paper for Mathematics was scheduled for 20 June, Monday, and the class 11 paper for Principles of Commerce was scheduled for 21 June, Tuesday.

However, the question papers of these subjects started circulating on social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp before the start of the exams.

Furthermore, despite the ban on smartphones inside examination halls, BIEK has failed to prevent students from using smartphones during exams as invigilators are least interested in enforcing the ban.

Hundreds of students all over the district are forced to give the final papers while sitting on the floor as BIEK has designated more students than the seating capacities of numerous exam centers.

It seems that the BIEK did not learn its lesson from the flagrant mismanagement of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) during the recently held annual matric exams.

The matric exams in Karachi remained mired by repeated incidents of paper leaks and open use of mobile phones, cheating material, and solution books. It was also reported multiple times that students were forced to give papers while sitting on the floor in the scorching heat.