Launch of Agency21 to Transform Real Estate in Pakistan

Agency21 International, one of Pakistan’s largest estate agency networks, has officially launched its services nationwide.

Several iconic landmarks across the country turned the brand’s distinctive shade of green, marking it as the beginning of a “new era in real estate”.

As part of the IMARAT Group of Companies, one of Pakistan’s leading real estate groups, Agency21 aims to revolutionize the real estate sector by ensuring transparent property transactions and addressing the need for a holistic real estate technology solution.

Real Estate, Radically Transformed

In business, disruption matters. But it’s not enough to be the sole instigator of change — a successful company influences real-world change by maximizing the reach and impact of its most valuable offering: ideas.

As part of the brand’s story of transforming Pakistan, the thought leadership at Agency21 plans to share its expertise and insights to promote a culture of continuous learning and provide solutions to the most pressing challenges in the real estate sector.

IMARAT identified four major problems: a lack of planning, lack of access to information, lack of regulations, and malpractices. To cultivate a client-centric, technology-driven, and education-based culture, the Agency21 model was designed, promising to maximize value on every transaction.

With services spanning all asset classes, it has the vision and leadership to keep the client at the center of the holistic real estate experience — all while enabling agents to grow through more connection and empowerment.

Powered by PropSure Digital Solutions, which offers online property verification and inspection services for the first time in Pakistan, Agency21 ensures the safety and security of clients with the delivery of cutting-edge smart services.

One Solution Doesn’t Fit All — Until Now

As the most trusted advisor in the market, Agency21 delivers a comprehensive range of customized solutions to meet the clients’ objectives with the best value and terms.

With a reach that spans the entire domestic market, it navigates the nuances of each person’s goals and requirements to provide unique and strategic advice.

From generating leads to closing a sale, it offers a range of end-to-end services, including instant property valuation, investment portfolio management, corporate and commercial leasing, document preparation, legal cover, and thorough market analysis.

Real Value, Real Momentum

Currently, Agency21 plans to set up a network of over 100 new offices in 22 cities in the coming months, namely Peshawar, Mardan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Mirpur, Gujranwala, Mandi Bahaudin, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Karachi. This will also boost the employment sector with about 1000 new hirings.

The right agent can lead the way – and Agency21 is here to do just that.