Medical Test of Alleged Train Rape Victim Proves She Was Lying

The woman who recently accused two railway security guards of sexual assault has withdrawn her allegation after an immediate medical test disproved it.

Geo News reported that the police clarified that the woman, identified as Faiza, had accused the two security guards of raping her on a train from Karachi to Rawalpindi but a medical test showed that her accusation was false.

During the initial investigation, the accused had informed the police that the woman was lying and that she had been traveling on the Sir Syed Express without a ticket.

According to the statement, when the facts were brought to light, the woman attempted to cover the matter up and admitted that she had not been assaulted.

  • ab ye Pakistan ke munafiq hajoom ke liye sabak hai. jabbe koi aurat kisi pe ilzam lagaye to fact check ke bagair judgment pass nai karne chiye.

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