Aikman Finally Gets Visa After Missing Preparatory Camp for Commonwealth Games

Pakistan hockey coach, Siegfried Aikman, expressed delight after receiving his visa and plane ticket, stating that he will depart on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday morning. The national coach was having difficulty obtaining a visa.

“Great news today I received my visa for Pakistan & just now my ticket to Lahore. I will leave on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday morning. Looking forward to finally joining the team and grateful for everyone who helped to make it happen,” Aikman tweeted.

Siegfried had expressed his displeasure with the situation on Twitter last month, prior to the start of preparatory camp, and stated that he did not know when he would be able to join the team due to unnecessary visa delays.

The national team coach also missed the first three weeks of the team’s training camp for preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games where physical fitness trainer, Daniel Barry, was also absent from the camp.

However, the PHF had made special arrangements for Barry to travel from Lahore to the national team training camp in Abbottabad via a private bus service.

The national hockey team will compete in the Commonwealth Games, and their campaign will begin on July 30, with their first match scheduled to be played against South Africa.

The attitude of the PHF has largely destroyed the national game. Nawab Sher, Chairman of the NA committee, slammed PHF Secretary, Asif Bajwa, yesterday, asking how the issues would be resolved if the president of the board was not taking them seriously.