Ramiz Raja Reveals His Salary as PCB Chairman

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Ramiz Raja, has revealed that he accepted the cricket board chairmanship for the purpose of promoting cricket in the country and that he has not benefited his friends or relatives in any way.

Speaking at a National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination meeting, Ramiz said, “I am here to work for cricket’s promotion. Neither I took my wife on any official tour nor benefited any of my relatives.”

The chairman of the cricket board attended the NA committee meeting, which was presided over by Nawab Sher and was attended by PCB Chief Executive, Faisal Hasnain, and NHPC Director, Nadeem Khan.

While answering a question regarding his expenses as cricket board chairman, Ramiz added, “My family didn’t want me to accept PCB chairmanship. They knew PCB chairman gets nothing except being called out every time.”

Ramiz, a member of the World Cup-winning team in 1992, was appointed PCB Chairman in September of last year, and the national cricket team has improved in many areas during his tenure.

The former cricketer added that since becoming chairman, he has not demanded any benefits or entertainment allowances for his family. He claimed that the PCB chairman receives no compensation at all.

“My salary as PCB chairman is zero. I haven’t taken any unnecessary perks so far as chairman. I haven’t taken an entertainment allowance and spent just 2.5 lac rupees on my official tours as of yet,” he told.

  • We need our leaders like Ramiz Raja and Imran Khan. May Allah bless you both with good health, happiness, wealth, more wisdom, strength, courage, devotion, dignity and fulfil your all your good wishes in your life.

  • Bravo!, and a befitting reply to these corrupt leaders who looted our beloved country with both hands.

  • No dout Ramiz Raja is a man of principles, he has very strong moral values and strong character.
    Very dead honest and true lover to the country.
    He is such type of personality that one can trust on him blindly

  • Some how we have developed a habit of praising only those people who work for free. Praise worthy it is but the prescribed salary as long as it’s legit, can be drawn by the honest servant and spent honestly. In my opinion he should draw salary and if he doesn’t need it, he can disburse it to the more needy sections of society….

  • Such people are pure Pakistani. May Allah bless them with long healthy life. We wish all Pakistani politicians to be like such great people.

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