BYD Dethrones Tesla Becoming the Biggest Electric Car Maker in the World

China has officially claimed the title of being home to the biggest electric vehicle (EV) producer in the world.

Chinese automaker BYD has bested Tesla to become the world’s leading EV seller. It bears mentioning that BYD has the support of one of the world’s richest personalities and Elon Musk’s rival, Warren Buffet.

According to details, BYD sold a total of 638,157 EVs or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) vehicles in H1 CY2022. This figure amounts to a 325 percent year-over-year (YoY) increase from H1 CY2021. Last month, BYD recorded sales of 133,762 EVs and PHEVs. In H1 CY2022, BYD sold 323,519 pure EVs and 314,638 PHEVs.

Comparatively, Tesla sold a total of 564,743 EVs during the same time. It argued in its reports that the slump had been due to supply chain constraints and factory shutdowns over the said period. The EV maker is now also compelled to shut down its production facility in Shanghai due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, BYD’s share value has surged by 36% since January 2022, which is bolstered by its rapid and multi-shift production operations despite global market challenges.

  • Tesla is a BEV (pure EV) manufacturer and still is number 1 producer of EVs. Title is misleading, BYD has produced greater number of cars only when Hybrid Engine cars are also counted but falls short when compared with Tesla Pure EV number.

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