This Fully Localized Electric Rickshaw is Roomier Than Wagon R

Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022 saw participation from numerous promising prospects. One such up-and-comer is YES Electromotive — a fully indigenous electric vehicle (EV) maker that seeks to launch MUVA electric rickshaws in Pakistan.

According to a company representative, MUVA electric rickshaws are made in Pakistan completely from scratch at their state-of-the-art facility in Lahore.

The company is still fine-tuning the product through testing and extensive research and development before officially launching these rickshaws in the market, the representative said.

Short for Modular Utility Vehicle Architecture, MUVA covers a development program for light commercial vehicles. These tiny EVs will serve the same purpose as a conventional rickshaw, but with zero tail-pipe emissions and at almost 7-times less running cost than a petrol-powered three-wheeler.

MUVA electric rickshaw is an ultra-light commercial EV that seats a driver and three passengers. It has a maximum payload capacity of 300 KGs and a curb weight of 450 KGs. It has a single permanent magnet electric motor that makes up to 10.7 horsepower.

The company representative added that the MUVA rickshaw will be sold as a commercial EV only and that the company will aim for fleet sales. He added that YES Electromotive also seeks to adopt a ride-hailing service operating model, whereby the riders will be able to summon these rickshaws via a mobile app.

YES Electromotive is shaping up to be a promising addition to Pakistan’s public transport sector. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Mashallah!

    All the more power to such local companies. Let’s make Pakistan an EV manufacturing power house. Today three wheelers, tomorrow two and four wheelers and beyond. Let’s bring real manufacturing here. We have the talent. Let’s give it our full support! 👍👍👍

    All the best!!!!!

  • What’s the obsession of Lahoris with rickshaws? This was the second such “marvel” of the automobile industry from there and it happens to be, yet another rickshaw. If you’re going to build a vehicle from scratch, then it’s obvious that the easiest thing to do would be to replicate the back two-wheels’ axle at the front, and make it a four-wheel car. The harder part would’ve been the engine and the transmission. If you’ve done that then what’s the issue with adding another wheel or rather, an axle in the front part of the body? Go back to the drawing board if you must and make it a four-wheeler. And please do it, ASAP. The oil prices won’t wait for you and neither do the people in the lower socioeconomic strata have the luxury for you to take forever. People are suffering because of inflation.

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