CDA Approves Islamabad Bus Service Project Worth Rs. 7.2 Billion

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the Islamabad bus service project, which would run across the entire city of Islamabad.

This was decided during the 58th meeting of the CDA Development Working Party (DWP), held at CDA Headquarters under the chairmanship of CDA Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed.

The participants, while approving the Islamabad bus service project, highlighted that the bus service would have 8 different routes. The estimated cost of the proposed bus service is Rs. 7.2 billion.

The meeting also approved the creation of Margalla Hill Sanctuary Park after addressing the reservations of the Planning Commission. CDA will carry out the project in collaboration with Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), while the park will be managed by IWMB.

The meeting also approved PC-II to hire consultants for the establishment of Capital Medical College in Capital Hospital Islamabad. The plan for the development and implementation of E-Bidding in CDA was also approved during the meeting. The meeting also approved revisions to Nilore Heights project.

The road rehabilitation and widening project along Lahtrar Road was also approved.

  • Great artical. This so called “planning” will turn out be like Metro, useless. Metro only runs through major road not going through any sectors. Lets say I live G11 and I want to go to F7 markaz to my office. I first have to book taxi or careem to first go to kashmir highways then get on Metro station then get off at blue area metro station then again book a taxi to the Markaz? How stupid is that, it would have been better to just take a taxi to the office. This bus project will be same like metro only running on main routes instead of actual resident area. I wish we could have real planners in the states. They should learn something from SWVL routes. Look where the world is going and we can’t even design something as basic as public transport.

  • Learn from SWVL.
    This is another effort to do corruption in billions. Sad story of my country.Our so called planners actually never traveled through public service buses. They can never know the traveling routes and requirements of public.
    Do a survey before plz regarding routes. Select people’s recommended routes instead of putting non sense people’s decisions

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