Is Pakistan Post Hiring 4,000 Employees for Political Reasons?

Pakistan Post has advertised over 4,000 posts despite budgetary and financial constraints, raising the question of whether the decision has been taken for political interests.

According to the details, the Ministry of Communication and Postal Services has advertised over 4,000 posts, including posts for managers, salesmen, administrators, IT officers, engineers, district account officers, consultants, etc.

Sources told ProPakistani that Pakistan Post is dependent on grants from the government, and these posts put a burden on the ministry. Recruiting such a huge number of people to run an organization that is already in deficit is unnecessary, the sources added. They said that the recruitment of lower posts is usually used for facilitating political supporters of the ministers.

Soon after the advertisement of the posts, rumors began to circulate in the department and the concerned ministry that frontmen or party leaders of the relevant minister were being approached for favors in the recruitment process.

The Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Asad Mahmood, said on Tuesday that he had started work on the restoration of the postal services. He has issued directions for the opening of over 600 closed post offices.

These steps will provide facilities to millions of Pakistanis near their homes, and families will have access to direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Unlike the previous government’s plan to privatize the department, the new government is restoring the closed offices, and the new steps being taken will include restoring the savings bank, pension, money order, and other things besides improving services in rural areas.