Waqar Zaka’s July 2022 Crypto Predictions Turned Out to be True

Waqar Zaka has made a name for himself in the local crypto market with over 7 years of experience, a time when digital currencies were barely known in the region. He is now known as a cryptocurrency expert who uses the Bitcoin node map with Glass node data sets to make highly accurate market predictions about Bitcoin pumps and dumps.

He was titled crypto expert by the KP government and is now a famous WEB3 content maker and influencer with over 4.7 million followers on Facebook alone.

He is now able to predict the exact dates of crypto pumps and dumps, all without any complicated financial analysis.

Zaka is able to make precise predictions about crypto pumps and dumps on live television, something nobody else is doing at the moment. Take a look at the video below. It was published on July 5 and Zaka made predictions for the entire month, most of which turned out to be true.

The main goal behind Zaka’s crypto publicity is to give Pakistani people the confidence that such financial predictions are also possible in Pakistan, a market in which scam is quite abundant.

Previously, Waqar Zaka has also offered classes on how to make money through WEB3 crypto and NFTs. His classes are available on his own website called Waqar Zaka.

    • جلا نہ کرو دعا کیا کرو۔
      وقار ذکاء کے متعلق جو کچھ اس آرٹیکل میں لکھا ہے۔ وہ درست ہے۔
      اگر غلط ہے تو ثابت کرو۔ جلتے کیوں ہو؟

      • تم پہلے صحیح ثابت کر دو اسکو پھر کسی کو غلط ثابت کرنے کا چیلنج دینا. اسکا ٹیلیگرام گروپ میں گالی بکواس سنا ھے، کبھی ایک آدھ بار صحیح بھی ھو جاتا ھے لیکن اکثر غلط. اور حد کا شودا ھے اور اخلاق سے عاری ھے

  • Wherever he goes hate comes first, but noone appreciates his talents, his thinking about pakistan, the group he runs alone helps people make alot of money Masha’Allah, thanks to him and his team tenup I have made alot myself. He is one man army! Respect for this champ! He is absolutely the right choice our country will make one day having him as our leader. If you are reading this, i want to thank you waqar bhai for changing our life, for teaching us something ppl learn themself and never think of others, for helping us grow for giving us opportunity to grab our financial freedom. I never heard of crypto, but after following @waqarzaka on all social media platforms i have learnt alot from him. Hes my idol and i love him from my heart!🙋‍♂️❤️

  • its been 1 year in waqar zaka group took 3 months to understand what is crypto, and 9 months to understand trading how it works (spot and future), risk management and all the others stuff, other guru only give technical info but that related to forex, its because of him

  • Waqar zaka apne field may Boht talendet aur expert banda hy. Acha teacher b hy. Boht se se log onse jalte hy. Wo apne kam me janoni hy. Tenup curency ko kamyab kar k dekaiga.

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