Breathtaking POV Video of Man Paragliding Over K2 Goes Viral

A point-of-view (POV) video of two professional ‘aerial adventurers’ paragliding over K2, showing a breathtaking view of K2 and the mountain range, has gone viral over the internet.

It shows Horacio Llorens, a professional international paraglider, gliding through shifting winds at an extraordinarily high altitude of 7,500 meters.

The extraordinary video was shared by a mountaineer, The Northerner, on Twitter with the caption: “Unbelievable footage of Paragliding over K-2. Thin air, sudden changing wind directions and the killing high altitude; a thrilling video on 7500m going around K-2, minutely observing new routes on the Savage Mountain #K2022”.

In the video, the paraglider can be heard saying that he is 7,500 meters high at the cloud base (the lowest altitude of the visible portion of a cloud), and that it is his third time going to the mountain.

Llorens and Ramon Morillas were part of a paragliding team led by Thomas de Dorlodot, another international aerial adventurer.

The aerial adventure was a Red Bull-funded challenge to paraglide over K2’s peak.

After going past the mountain ranges and using wind and thermal currents, Dorlodot’s team was the first one to paraglide to the ‘Savage Mountain’.

Commenting on the feat, he said, “The flight has been on my mind for 10 years. Reaching K2 by flying was something we thought was possible but didn’t know how to do it”.

“That’s the beauty of it. You’re entering a place where no one has entered before and you fly. We really felt like explorers,” he added.