Pakistan Imported Wheat Worth $0.9 Billion Last Year

The federal government spent $902 million ($0.9 billion) last year on import of wheat to meet the country’s demand.

Sources in the Commerce Ministry have revealed that the government has imported 2.4 million tonnes of wheat worth $902 million during the last year, from August 2021 to July 2022, to meet the local demand.

While sharing the monthly breakup of the wheat import bill, the sources said that Pakistan purchased 0.2116 million tonnes of wheat from the international market worth $107 million (Rs. 23.5 billion) during the month of July. The figures depict that the government has purchased wheat at a price of Rs. 111 per kilogram (kg) from the international market.

During the months of April and May, the government didn’t purchase wheat from the international market.

Around 0.112 million tonnes of wheat, worth $42.5 million (Rs. 7.638 billion), was imported during the month of March, with the average rate standing at Rs. 68 per kg during the month.

The import bill of wheat and other food items shows that the imports of food items have swelled in the last few years. The country has imported food items including wheat, ghee, oil, sugar, and other items worth $9 billion during the last fiscal year alone.

  • This is worrying. Importing wheat that to almost a billion dollars. Golden days are gone.

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