Pakistani Freelancers Earned $397 Million in FY 2021-22

Pakistani freelancers have generated export revenue of $397.328 million during FY2021-22 at a growth rate of 2.74%. This includes IT-related exports of $265.444 million and non-IT-related exports of $131.884 million.

When compared with FY2020-21, Pakistani freelancing population generated export revenue of $396.243 million. This included IT-related exports of $363.064 million and non-IT-related exports of $33.179 million.

A quick comparison between the IT-related exports over the two years shows that IT-related exports decreased 26.88% during FY2021-22.

On the other hand, non-IT-related exports have recorded a whopping increase of 297.492% during FY2021-22.

Furthermore, IT export remittances worth $265.444 million by Pakistani freelancers during FY 2021-22 accounted for 14.77% of the total ICT export remittances of $2.616 billion during the same period.

  • Freelancers going to keep their income abroad in future due the imposed tax and promise break first by imran and now by keeping the tax by shahbaz.

    • Pakistan is supporting freelancing only because of tax which helps the government gain more money and increase foreign reserves

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