PTA Received Over 14,000 Complaints in July

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) received 14,030 complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom operators, including cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators, and ISPs, as of July 2022.

The authority said it was able to resolve 13,709 complaints, translating into a resolution rate of 97 percent.

Cellular mobile subscribers constitute a major part of the overall telecom subscriber base. Therefore, the maximum number of complaints belongs to this segment. The total number of complaints against CMOs by July stood at 13,342, where 13,174 were addressed, i.e., 98 percent.

According to the PTA data, 5,752 complaints were received against Jazz, 2,450 against Telenor, 3,827 against Zong, and 1,287 complaints were received against Ufone.

The PTA also received 140 complaints against basic telephony, where 86 were addressed during July 2022. Furthermore, 533 complaints were received against ISPs, where 438 were addressed.

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  • I can safely say that 97% of complaints resolution is a deliberate lie. My friend have shop in a village with jazzcash and easypaisa account and most of the balance deduction frauds are done by jazz and not a single one resolved to date despite several complaints of customers on helpline and then by moving to pta. There is even no option to download WHT certificate on jazzcash portal at all except jazzworld which shows the shady tax deduction practice on jazzcash savings schemes. We even have recording of how jazz representative lied with customer about auto balance deduction with knowledge of consumer despite the clear proofs to date not a single issue resolved to date.

  • PTA should really consider six months time for travelers or overseas Pakistanis to be able to use their phone . 2 months are not enough thanks.

  • PTA is most useless department of Pakistan. I once called PTA and requested them to block IMEI of my stolen dual SIM Samsung phone. I provided serial number, IMEI and receipt and the online form but it wasn’t sharing any option for dual phone SIM .So I called PTA helpline and explained the situation. Long story short… The PTA helpline guy said that they can only block IMEI which had the SIM only. If I placed memory card in other slot then they will not block that slot… I was unable to understand that logic. There should be some benefit for paying high taxes on mobile phones to PTA if they cannot help in recovery by blocking IMEI then that high tax is unjustified. When I asked the same question to the helpline guy… They guy turned rude and literally used slang words. Use of F-words is not very common in mobile operator helpline… But you can certainly expect this in government run dept… you take any government dept and they don’t care.
    If PTA guy wants to be polite… He would just hangup the phone on you. You cannot complain this behavior of PTA to anyone…

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