Monsoon Floods Decimate Crops Across Pakistan

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The recent floods in Pakistan have laid waste to the agriculture sector, resulting in losses worth billions of rupees in four provinces, with Sindh bearing the most devastating losses.

According to a report by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MoNFSR), the total losses to the crops have exceeded Rs. 320 billion across the country (excluding Punjab, for which comprehensive data has not been published yet).

The report revealed that 2,845,046 acres of cropland in Sindh has either been completely or partially damaged, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has lost 14,397 acres, and Balochistan has lost 108,295 acres.

Here is the provincial breakdown of the losses/damages to the agriculture sector.


As per the details, cotton, sugarcane, onion, Kharif chilies, rice, and date palms were the most affected crops in the province, while its cotton and date palm fields were completely destroyed.

Given below is the table that shows the crop-wise damages.

Crop Damaged Acres Financial Losses in Million PKR Status
Cotton 1,467,579 Rs. 205,461.06 completely destroyed
Date palm 101,379 Rs. 7,096.53 million completely destroyed
Sugarcane 45,207 Rs. 3,390.525 million partially damaged
Kharif chilies 29,622 Rs. 7.772.812 million partially damaged
Onion 42,268 Rs. 10,144.32 million partially damaged
Tomato 12,101 Rs. 2,710.624 million partially damaged
Kharif vegetables 30,718 Rs. 2,457.44 million partially damaged
Rice 1,038,174 Rs. 50,870.526 million partially damaged
Sesame 7,234 Rs. 336.381 million partially damaged
Others 70,764 Rs. 7,076.4 million partially damaged
Total 2,845,046 Rs. 297316.61 million
Losses in billions Rs. 297.316 billion


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Dates, maize, tobacco, and vegetables were the most damaged crops in KP.

The table is an overview of the damaged land and financial losses the province has incurred.

Crop Damaged Acres Financial Losses in Million PKR
Maize 4,794 Rs. 368.1 million
Rice 3,482 Rs. 11.8 million
Oil-seed 237 Rs. 32.3 million
Tobacco 957 Rs. 222.7 million
Vegetables 938 Rs. 145.3 million
Orchards 98 Rs. 5.5 million
Pulses 863 Rs. 50.9 million
Cotton 137 Rs. 24.2 million
Wheat 150 Rs. 8 million
Dates 2,596 Rs. 2,754.1 million
Sugarcane 60 Rs. 8.9 million
Potato 85 Rs. 31 million
Total 14,397 Rs. 3,662.7 million



Balochistan is the largest province in terms of geography but it only contributes 3.8 percent to Pakistan’s total crop and suffered the second-highest damages in acres.

 Crop Damaged Acres Financial Losses in Million PKR
Crops 67,050 Rs. 9,936.8 million
Orchards 21,960 Rs. 4,469.4 million
Vegetables 14,882 Rs. 5,252 million
Fodder 4,403 Rs. 187.8 million
Total 108,295 Rs. 19,846 million



The ministry has not released detailed information about the damages in Punjab, particularly in the south of the province which is one of the most flooded areas of the country.

 Crop Name Damaged Acres Financial Losses in Million PKR
Cotton 130,140 not given


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