PIA Announces Huge Discount for China After Severe Backlash on Expensive Flights

After receiving severe backlash, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has finally announced to reduce the prices of one-way tickets for students going to China.

According to details, the national flag carrier has announced a 10% reduction in one-way airfares to China. Those buying tickets from PIA’s booking offices will enjoy a 22% discount.

Furthermore, the PIA has also increased the limit of luggage for the students. Previously, they were only allowed to carry 40 kg with them. However, they can now travel with 80 kg of luggage.

The changes are effective immediately. The PIA operates two special flights per week for Pakistani students returning to China to resume their academic careers. The flights are operated to Chengdu and Xi’an.

Earlier this week, Pak-China Student Council highlighted the issue, claiming that PIA is charging Rs. 550,000 from students going to China. On the other hand, the national flag carrier is charging Rs. 130,000 from students coming from China.

The issue went viral on social media platforms as ‘#PIALootingPakStudents’ became one of the top trends on Twitter, generating hundreds of thousands of Tweets in a space of a few hours.

  • This solution is just temporary after the news appeared on social media. PIA will rise tickets prices again silently

  • Other Chinese Airlines will enter to kill PIA stupidity… First SIAL and Serene will hammer down. Since 1971 PIA has brought bad news to Pakistan.

    • Bro this is not PIA who brought bad news. These bad news have been brought by corrupt politicians who employed incompetent and unnecessary employees in PIA.

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