Bring Pakistan’s Biggest Local eCommerce Learning Seminars

After the blocking of Amazon’s 13,000 Pakistani accounts and strict restrictions on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork for Pakistan, there were few options left for Pakistani students and aspirants to learn and work for International eCommerce platforms.

Not all account holders were guilty of fraud as many of them were doing legitimate eCommerce business and putting their life’s earnings on the line just to start a business online. But such restrictions have shattered their hopes of becoming entrepreneurs.

Owing to the current economic situation in Pakistan, the state of employment and businesses is already worse than before. On average, 400,000 students are getting graduated from universities and seeking jobs, and those who already have jobs are facig challenges pertaining to a poor financial climate.

To help Pakistani jobseekers cope with this grim scenario, are offering training and awareness on the local eCommerce landscape in Pakistan. Despite slow growth and a financially challenged market, the local eCommerce grew by almost 75 billion rupees in just the past 9 months.

This figure is much higher if small ventures and entrepreneurs’ sales data is gathered. There is tremendous potential in local eCommerce that can uplift the confidence of local manufacturers which will help Pakistanis sell in the international markets.

Utopia is one such example that is now exporting materials to the international market using only eCommerce platforms and becoming Pakistan’s 27 biggest exporter by manufacturing all materials locally.

Why is Local eCommerce Important?

Because it is easy to start. It prepares you for the right knowledge. Provides you full control. You set your own rules. Your margins are high. Your reach is nationwide.

You learn to use smart tools for expansion. You learn how to make a brand. You learn how to deal with customers. You become aware of customer expectations and ways to deal on eCommerce platforms.

Once you get used to it, your ways open for the international market, and hence chances of getting banned become distant; you start selling well and your international audience reach expands.

By expanding internationally, you grow locally and your economy gets flourished. China is one such example where there are no international players like Amazon or eBay, but Alibaba, a local eCommerce platform, earns more sales in one day of 11,11 than almost the entire loan value of Pakistan.

In order to enhance such local eCommerce knowledge that explains how one can procure from local markets and start selling on Shopify, Instagram, Daraz, and other platforms with 50% to 60% margins, team Deployers have initiated seminars and training in Pakistan.

First such seminar was conducted on 21 August at PC Lahore. Daraz University, Plan 9, Meta (previously Facebook), Dial Zero, Ministry of IT Punjab, Dankash, Carpe Diem, Gingko Retail, Beyond East, Trax Logistics, and multiple other players supported the event by becoming exclusive partners.

The chief guests at the event were Dr. Arslan Khalid, IT Minister Punjab, Zain Qureshi s/o Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and PTI Senator Ijaz Chaudhry. The event had an audience of more than 400 aspirants and entrepreneurs.

The next event is now at Ramada Hotel Islamabad on 25th September and very soon is organizing events in Multan, Faisalabad, Karachi, Sialkot, and other cities of Pakistan. is also opening their physical training academies very soon in Pakistan starting from Lahore. They are also an official community partner of Nas Academy in Pakistan.

The brains and trainers behind are local eCommerce veterans Haider Ahmed Qazi, Zakriya Fawad, Omer Mubeen, and Muhammad Ahmed.

Haider Ahmed Qazi holds an M-Phil degree and has written a thesis in eCommerce with AMOS for data analysis. Serving in multiple industries like FMCG, Fashion Retail, Logistics, Start-ups, Fashion Retail, Furniture, and Home Fashion, Haider Qazi is serving in the eCommerce industry for more than a decade now.

Haider Qazi also has taught eCommerce in various government and local Universities including Bahria University, COMSATS University, and MAJU. He has also served at KMC, Karachi for eCommerce training, and has been featured as best head of eCommerce in Pakistan by Google search.

Zakriya Fawad is also known as best Head of Marketing in Lahore. Heading the marketing department at Master Group of Industries, with a career spanning just over a decade, he has been lucky to have gained invaluable experience and exposure to some of the biggest brands of the industry across various industries ranging from telecom to FMCG and beverages to banking and agriculture and digitally-driven brands.

Some of the brands that he has had a chance to work on are COCA-COLA: Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Cappy, NESTLE PAKISTAN: Nido, Milkpak, Nesvita, Bunyad, WARID TELECOM: Glow, Warid Postpaid, MITCHELLS PAKISTAN.

Omer Mubeen is a highly zealous Digital Marketing & eCommerce expert with more than 10 years of successful professional experience with various eCommerce, logistics, and start-up organizations.

His career includes heading eCommerce departments at multiple fashion retail brands including Edenrobe, Kapray by Zellbury, and Beyond East. Apart from Omer, Muhammad Ahmed, who is currently an anchor at Dunya Group, is also part of the team Deployers. team is coming to Islamabad on 25th September 2022 at Ramada Hotel and giving free hi-tea on the event. You can register for the event by clicking here.

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