Another Increase: Here Are The New Mobile Phone Taxes Set by FBR

Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the authority that governs tax collection and regulation in the country, has set new import taxes/regulatory duties on mobile phones.

ProPakistani has obtained an internal document which shows a detailed breakdown of how import taxes are split between different price categories of smartphones. These also differ slightly from our previously reported figures, which were cited from a different source.

According to the document, import taxes on mobile phones are split between regulatory duty, sales tax, withholding tax, and mobile levy. Here is how it ranks between mobile phones of different monetary values (USD).

Note: Regulatory Duty = RD, Sales Tax = ST, Withholding Tax = WHT and Mobile Levy = ML.

  • Up to $30: RD (Rs. 300), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100) ML (Rs. 100)
  • $30 to $100: RD (Rs. 3,000), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100), ML (Rs. 200)
  • $100 to $200: RD (Rs. 7,500), ST (Rs. 1,680), WHT (Rs. 930), ML (Rs. 600)
  • $200 to $350: RD (Rs. 11,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 970), ML (Rs. 1,800)
  • $350 to $500: RD (Rs. 15,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 5,000), ML (Rs. 4,000)
  • $500 to $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 8,000)
  • Above $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 16,000)

It also mentions that WHT is exempted for all imports under baggage, and customs duty is 0%. This means that if you bring a smartphone for personal use it will be exempt from WHT and customs duty, however, if you import them for sale, these are the taxes that will be applied on them.

  • Now tax’s reduce on mobile or increase please I have I phone xs max and want to approve it so much cost I pay for that

  • Is it equivalent to the pta approval cost, or these are other than the amount one will have to pay for PTA approval?

      • No, PTA is nothing, just check and add your IMEI into their system so you can use sims. But how do they add if you pay these taxes? I don’t know about the baggage rule, I have not seen any source for exemption of WHT on baggage. AFAIK If you import through baggage no taxes but if you want to use a sim all taxes are included WHT, like you import through courier.

  • This information is absolutely wrong. Don’t rely on it. There are 2 types of taxes on imported mobile phones. One is that if the model is available in FBR dataset and taxes are fixed on these phones. For Example, I imported a phone whose value is less than 300usd but the import tax was fixed by FBR for this model which was 60k. Your provided data is true only for those models whose TAC is not identified by FBR. Also, Double R&D of each range, is increased now.

  • No need to pay these looters, even no body is willing to give fliod releaf fund to crime minister acct, coz directly will go to london n dubai,,

  • they are just testing how much people can tolerate these direct and indirect taxes. Good news is that Pakistani’s are very resilient nation. Lagaye jao aur chittar!!

  • In UK, there is no any kind of tax, UK is also facing recession petrol gas electric prices rocket, many super store close down 🤔

  • بس ٹیکس دیتے رہو اینڈ رٹرن اینڈ ریلیف از nothing. بس ابھی ہوا پر غنڈہ ٹیکس باقی ہی چوروں اور ڈکیتیوں کی حکومت ہے

  • I bought Samsung Prime J1 Model in Malaysia when I have come to Oak my phone blocked by PTA stupid authority n the idiots put levey + taxes Rs. 32,000/- while in MRY it was priced just for RM300 Which equals to PKRs. 11,000 hardly so dont pat to this imported hovt any single penny.

  • یہ ملک ایک ناریل کی طرح ہے جو کچھ پاگل بندروں کے ھاتھوں ادھر سے اُدھر ہو رہا ہے اور اس ملک کے عوام اس بلی کی طرح ہیں جو انتہائی بیوقوفی اور جہالت کے ساتھ ان مخبوط الحواس اور پاگل بندر نما سیاست دانوں کی جاہلانہ اور بیہودہ حرکات کو انتہائی بے بسی کیساتھ برداشت کر رہے ہیں۔ کاش اس ملک پر انسانوں کی حکومت ہوتی تو اس وقت ملک کی یہ حالت نہ ہوتی۔۔
    We are living in the country which is ruled by mad monkeys.

  • Today they are looting everything possible from nation. Tomorrow nothing will left and they despite all the wealth and power have no peace. World is nearing its end but people of Pakistan will never ever learn and keep selecting looters and turn deaf and blind towards their miseries!

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