7,000 KGs of 3-Year Old Expired Meat Seized From Hotel in Lahore

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has recovered thousands of kilograms of years old expired meat from the cold storage of a hotel in Lahore, media reports have claimed.

According to details, the PFA seized 7,000 kgs of three-year-old expired meat earlier today. The PFA shifted the meat from storage and disposed of it in line with environmental standards.

Speaking with the media, PFA officials involved in the bust said that the meat was imported into the country. However, it is not known whether the meat was Halal or Haram.

The development has baffled the residents of the provincial capital as they are in complete disbelief as to how the PFA, which is known for activism against substandard or adulterated edible products, could let this happen for years.

Earlier this year in April, the PFA had confiscated thousands of liters of substandard cooking oil during a raid on a factory located in Muridke, Sheikhupura.

The PFA discarded 4,200 liters of unhygienic cooking oil that was stored in non-food grade drums in the absence of any health and safety standards prescribed by the PFA.

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  • Why the hotel name is not mentioned. It must be 5 star hotel. Because only they import meat.

    • Absolutely correct. The name of the hotel should be made public. Also apart from confiscating the meat what action against the owners were carried. There is no mention of this.

    • True. Not mentioning hotel’s name means still they are encouraged to do such illegal actions.

    • It must be either PC or Avari, none other hotel exists in Lahore with such a big requirement. In the lowest possibility can be Nishat as well.

  • The name of Hotel must be made public for health & safety of consumers/customers.

  • Does meat become hazardous to health if stored in deep freeze for several years? If yes then this requirement should be clearly mentioned to the hotel/restaurant industry.

  • This is our country you can expect anything tomorrow morning you forget that what was the news..rab rakha

  • There should be exemplary punishment /
    This is everybody’s right to know the name of establishment.

  • Wah . Bhai kia hotel ka naam liktay pair ( foot) jaltay ha in
    Yah chup rehnay ki qeemat li1 hay

  • PFA was brave enough to counter this expired meat, but not that brave to disclose hotel name…

  • The hotel name is must, otherwise it is just another blame story to increase the market presence.

  • With out hotel name there’s no point to post this article telling us about the finding expired meat untill authorities expose such type of hotels with name there’s no benefit to stop these things..

  • Hotel ka Naam mention q ni kia reason is very simple PFA say lay kar police aur baqi sab departments Aik Hammam may sab hi Nangay hen

  • It is completely a negligencey from a Hotel Management, ordering meat is on daily/weekly/monthly basis, they know they have meat in storage so why they ordered more. And yes they should mention the hotel name , but affcourse only 5 star hotels have this type storage facility.

    Infact they should hire me as MANAGER

  • what is advantage of this Raid if Hotel name is not mentioned. please mention the name of hotel , don’t be afraid its your moral duty.

  • Share hotel name if it is not possible then afsoos he kia ja Sakta hai koi aur country huta tu hotel bane hu Chuka huta lakan Yahan name hotel ka chupaia ja raha hai

    • Off course PFA is bribed to keep hotel name secret. Aik hamam mein sub nangay hain

  • It is your moral obligation to expose hotel name so that it may victimised what the rubbish they r doing wd us so shameful

  • Perhaps we should all just start a hashtag or something naming all the big hotels in Lahore.

    This way, at least all the hoteliers (most of whom, also do a lot of nasty things but just haven’t been caught yet) will feel the heat.


  • From which hotel? Kindly name them so people should avoid them or did they paid some hefty amount?

  • Good job by PFA. But how come the expired meat was imported and put in cold storage. The source must also be highlighted. Lahori becharay pehlay he mazloom Ann!!

  • Also check the meat and beef on big supermarkets on daily basis. Government isn’t giving any relief to public.

  • Can you eat meat that has been in the freezer for 4 years?
    But we’re here to finally put the question to rest, as the USDA states that as long as all foods are stored at 0 °F or lower in your freezer, they are safe to eat indefinitely.

  • Why don’t you mention the name of hotel ?it means you are taking money from them 😡🤬😤

  • It is completely a negligencey from a Hotel….. Dept is failer.. U people do not give dame health and welfare of the people
    ….. Shame on dept…. Give the name of the hotel and owners

  • What was the logic to keep three year old when available daily , even if u r indulge illicit practice u may buy n cut compromised animal , why they need to keep such a huge inventory for three years , it’s seem more like a PFA stunt . Total utopian story n guys plz use ur brain if u have before commenting so annoyed n at one peak which never exist.

  • Hotel name should be mentioned for public awareness. It will be a crime to not to mention hotel name.

  • Where’s “”Punjab Food Authority Department Is Died””??? Shame for our supervision authorities.

  • کسی غریب کا نام أتا تو فوٹو بھی شأئع ہوتا۔ امیر مجرم کے حقوق بہت اہمیت رکھتے ہیں۔
    ایک نہیں دو پاکستان۔

  • The hotel must be dry aging the meat, which is a technique to enrich the flavors of meat.

  • Hotel ka nam tu likha ni.
    Raid aap logon k uper honi chahy. Because ap hotel ka name hide kr k us ko support kr rhy ho. Shame on our media

  • Sara media hi bakao hai koi or news ho to cheikh cheikh k btaty hain, ap ny news deni hai to pori dain or correct dain, hotel ka name kio hide krty hain aysi news Mai ap log, ta k log dhoky Mai hi rahain or ap ki waja Sy un healthy foot khaty rahain, kal ko aysa sab Kuch ap k sath b ho skta hai, society ko bachana hai to pori information share krain wrna na krain

  • PFA you are doing a criminal act??? Please don’t expose half cooked information. You should have disclosed the hotel name 1st then block all his bussiness and then moved further. Have mercy on people of Pakistan. WHY ON GOD’s Earth the HOTEL name has been kept Secret. It means you are party to this party.

  • 7000 kg of meat was not found in the hotel plz try to not change the information which creats misunderstanding.

  • بکاؤ میڈیا کہاں نام بتائے گا یہ تو خود مردار کھاتا ہے اور لوگوں کو بلیک میل کر کے اتنی بڑی بڑی بزنس ایمپائر نیوز گروپس نے قائم کر لی ہیں اور اگر کوئ غریب پیسہ نہ دے سکے تو اس کو اور اس کے خاندان کو اتنا ننگا کرتے ہیں کہ قصور ایک کا ہوتا ہے اور پورا خاندان زندہ درگور ہو جاتا ہے

  • I think it’s not enough rather you show hotel’s & owner’s name. Because if we don’t know about like them frauds how we will be safe?
    Not showing the name of hotel it’s bad effect on us about PFA. I’m not talking about PFA honesty and dignity but our mind not comfortable for this action.

  • If the name of the hotel or any place name of the cold storage is not mentioned it means the PFA organised a fake raid just to justify theirtheir financial cost to the government that yeah we are working on the food otherwise if we dnot know the name of the place then how we will bycot it or keep a distance from it. Yeah it will be a five or Six star hotel.

  • According to the report, Punjab Food Authority has exported and destroyed such a huge amount of expired meat while operating from the cold store of a private hotel in Lahore. So, of course, the hotel will also be very big, which can undoubtedly be called the biggest hotel in Lahore. I think everyone will be familiar with the name of this so-called big hotel.

  • Wo meat safari park waly lions ko khila den wo bichry bhuky pary rhty hen thora onki bhi eid ho jy gi

  • Must mention the hotel name people not to go that hotel hotel will bribe and start working again with same way

  • Question is why the author of such reports don’t mention the name of the hotel or any outlet caught selling contaminated milk, rotten & 3 years old meat?? The reporters should name & shame such hotels, shops etc.

  • Why the hotel name is not mentioned. There must be some other Black business running with the support of g Officials

  • No matter how much Meet old..actual thing why we hide name of culprit are we affaired or not able face any power full mafia…if yes don’t discuss..
    Pakistanis each n every thing for pleasure n show shaaa…doesnot worry only status issue….

  • Heard Two raids done in the area, Subway and Nishat. Don’t know which one is this.

  • لازماً ہوٹل کسی سیاستدان یا کسی پہنچی ہوئی ہستی کی ہوگی یا پھر رشوت کے عوض ہوٹل کا نام ظاہر نہیں کیا، تم لوگ صرف شراب اور سوعر کو حرام کہتے ہو دوسرے سارے حرام کام حلال ہیں تم پر پوری قوم کو برباد کر رکھا ہے چند حرامخور نے۔

  • The author of this post was sitting idle so he made it up probably. Does not have enough guts to name the hotel. Click bait!

  • Why on earth they don’t mention that hotel’s name??? They have been feeding people expired food at insanely high prices since years and when caught they bribe media to keep their name in secret. What a shame.

  • یہ آپ لوگوں اور اپنے مُلک پاکستان کے ساتھ انتہای ظلم کر رے ہیں اس ہوٹل کا نام چُپھا کر

  • Wonder what is the criteria of checking frozen meat and other products. If storage conditions are maintained there is no issue with the quality of meat.

  • Food and drugs are adulterated, expired.Every edible is substandard,has less weight as indicated outside.Names can’t be written as these are influential persons.

  • Name of the Hotel is not mentioned, why? Definitely it should be some five star hotel on mall road

  • What the authorities were doing all these days.must ther be dispute of money so they busted it now.hahahah

  • If you guys are really honest with people then must mention the name of hotel otherwise there is no difference between you so called reporters and the hotel management. All are corrupt.

  • پھر کیا ھوگیا۔یہ تو معمولی سی بات ھے۔لاھوری تو گدھے بھی شوق سے کھاتے رھے ھین اسی لیے تو یہ گدھا نما لیڈرز کو بھی ووٹ دیتے ھین۔

    • Ap konsa kisi sy kam ho bech mien siasat kahan sy aa gai had hai is liye hum log kabhi taraqi nai kr skty choti soch walon

  • PFA is showing that they do not care about being known as a corrupt organization. Maybe they are proud of that.
    We are seeing all that corruption and carelessness from the people governing the country for many decades now. Everyone usually follows the leader.

  • yar sab jazbati ho rahay ho, yea Yahan normal routine hae, yahi meat kaheen aur sale ho gaya ho ga, apkay kiya khayal hae sab zaya ker diya ho ga? aik baray hotel say Nikal ker bahut say chotay restaurants Mai sale ho chuka ho ga

  • It was not the restaurant but the cold storage of the meat supplier which is more alarming. Still the restaurant’s name should be revealed.

  • کسی غریب کا نام أتا تو فوٹو بھی شأئع ہوتا۔ امیر مجرم کے حقوق بہت اہمیت رکھتے ہیں۔
    ایک نہیں دو پاکستان۔

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