Sindh Removes Top Official Due to Pressure From Private School Owners

The government of Sindh decided to remove Prof. Salman Raza from the post of director general (DG) of the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions Sindh (DIRPIS) on Wednesday.

This move came only two days after different private school organizations staged a press conference against him.

Chief Secretary, Dr. Mohammed Sohail Rajput, dismissed him on the orders of Sindh Education Minister, Syed Sardar Ali Shah.

Salman Raza, a zoology professor and a Basic Pay Scale (BPS)-20 officer, recently irritated numerous private school alliances by criticizing them for charging parents additional fees and selling textbooks, uniforms, and stationery goods to students. Protests from private school organizations are alleged to have prompted his dismissal.

The DG’s dismissal also prompted parents to vent their displeasure on social media.

They said that the “mafia” has succeeded and that the government’s swift action has muted the parents’ legitimate concerns. They stated that they felt quite uneasy given the situation.

They questioned why such quick actions are not taken in response to the parents’ demands when they are forced to pay extra fees or in aid of the teachers who are made to work tirelessly but receive little compensation. They also requested the provincial government to take cognizance of their concerns as well.