Pakistan is Now 3rd on List of Countries Most Affected by Diabetes

The Department of Molecular Medicine and General Medicine at Ziauddin University organized a seminar, “World Diabetes Day: Awareness and Education to Defeat Diabetes,” in relation to World Diabetes Day.

The purpose of this seminar was to raise awareness about education and how to defeat diabetes as Pakistan is severely affected by the disease. The total number of cases is approximately 33,000,000, which is alarmingly high, and is also increasing with each passing year.

Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghori, Head of the Department of Medicine at Ziauddin University, said, “Pakistan has become the 3rd largest country in diabetes after India and China.”

She continued while giving a lecture on ‘Recent Advances in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus, saying, “There are new screening cutoffs and contemporary support for diabetes control that are now accessible in our country, along with age 18 and older with additional risk factors that should be evaluated for diabetes and pre-diabetes.”

While giving an ‘Introduction of Contemporary Medicines for the Management of Type 2 DM,’ Dr. Fatima Jehangir, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Family Medicine, at Ziauddin University, said, “Weight loss is very important for a healthy life, as we have so many choices to make, such as insulin and different medicines that can control our diabetes, but using different medicines without consulting a doctor can be harmful and can have side effects,” and added, “For that reason, consider agents with cardiovascular and renal benefits.”

She further added, “Putting the person, rather than their diabetes, at the center of healthcare can help improve person-provider relationships as well as physical and mental health outcomes.”

Dr. Abdul Hameed, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Ziauddin University, shared Advance Research on Innovative Steps Towards Remission of Diabetes and said that “would this weight loss work in our population? Every patient is different, and remission is closely linked to weight loss, the ones who lost more than 10 kilos were in remission for two years, however, type-2 diabetes returns quickly if weight is gained back,” and added, “Remission is quick in the newly diagnosed patient.”