Trolls Call Elon Musk ‘Mediocre Man-Child’ as They Project Witty Titles on Twitter’s HQ

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, began implementing his new policies aggressively, including firing off thousands of employees and launching a subscription-based blue tick feature, which caused turmoil for the social media giant.

In connection with this, a bunch of anonymous trolls projected a blue strip on Twitter’s San Francisco Headquarters (HQ), calling the new CEO different contemptuous and sarcastic names.

Following the roller-coaster ride of the company, trolls displayed a long list of titles for the “Chief Twit,” which included space Karen, lawless oligarch, cruel hoarder, mediocre man-child, bankruptcy baby, and many more.

On Thursday night, when Twitter employees submitted resignations in massive numbers in response to Elon Musk’s ultimatum, some trolls across the street from the San Francisco HQ of the company decided to mock the tech magnate with a series of projected messages.

In addition, employees at Twitter have complained that the social media app has slowed down drastically in the previous 24 hours, leading to hundreds of outages being recorded by the company.

Moreover, the reported outages of the app have resulted in alarming concerns that a massive crash could occur as soon as tonight. Furthermore, many additional users have observed disruptions and problems in content loading speed and sluggish performance on the social networking site, giving support to speculations of a crash.